DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor league Results - 9/1/15


DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Results - 9-1-15

STARS OF THE DAY: Matt Oberste, Vic Cruzado, Chris Flexen, and Chris Montgomery

HONORABLE MENTION: TJ Rivera, Vince Belnome, Kevin Kaczmarski, and Des Lindsay


Las Vegas (75-63) 8  - El Paso 7

Binghamton (74-61) 7 - Reading 6

St Lucie (67-67)  - Charlotte Doubleheader split:

- lost 4-2, won 8-6
Savannah (82-50)  - Augusta Doubleheader split

- won 4-1, lost 3-2

Brooklyn (31-38)  4 - Tri City 5

Kingsport (40-28) 6 - Danville 2

Now Here's the Scoop:

Las Vegas started Logan Verrett tonight. Three straight losses for the 51s left them a half game ahead of El Paso. Despite the homer- prone Verrett allowing  6 runs and 3 homers, Vegas won a close one. Herrera hit his 9th.

Binghamton's Gabe Ynoa took the hill. Like Verrett, shaky...5 runs and 8 hits, including 2 homers, in 5 innings. But the pen was strong, including Jeff Walters (winner at 2-0) and Sewald's 23rd save. 

TJ Rivera had 3 hits (.353), Vince Belnome had 4 hits

St Lucie lost 4-2 in game 1, as Kelly Secrest allowed two late runs to take the loss. Matt Oberste (.303) had 2 hits, including his 60th RBI.

In game 2, Oberste added 2 more hits (.306,  RBI 61) and Cruzado added 3 hits (.272) to make it 5 for the doubleheader.


Savannah played two yesterday, won 2, then played two more games today. Oswalt and Flexen slated to start. 

Ozzie lost A close game 2, but in game 1, Flexen (8Ks in 5.2 IP, 4-0, 1.45) and Christian Montgomery (4Ks in 1.1 IP) dominated game 1. Chris has an utterly astonishing 15 Ks in his last 6.2 dominant innings. Take notice, folks.

Brooklyn lost 5-4, as it made 4 errors. Desmond Lindsay had 3 of Brooklyn's 15 Ks, but drove in 3 on a bases full double.

Kingsport's Adonis Uceta started today's tilt. Six strong innings for the win. The Unstoppable Kaczmarski (.355) was great(2-3 with 3 ribbies). He is hitting .400 since August 1.

GOAT: Brooklyn, for losing its 33rd in its last 50.


Thomas Brennan said...

Matt Oberste, with his steady surge, remarkably is 6th in batting average in FSL, 2nd in on base % (.365) and 2nd in slug % (.435).

Also 6th in RBIs (61) - he has played the least # 0F games of those 6 guys (107 of St Lucie's 134 games).

An emerging talent.

Anonymous said...

Was at the Brooklyn game again last night. Just an awful team, there's almost no position talent on the entire squad. Several big lumbering guys.

I don't understand the point with a guy like Diehl, who DHs. How can he ever help the Mets? What, he's going to hit so great that we get to trade him to another team when he's in AA? That's quite a stretch. In the meantime, the club is wasting 3-4 ABs a game on a guy who can't field a position and has no future value; better to rotate other players into those ABs and see more of guys who might potentially help. I don't understand the logic. Also, the huge first baseman, Mathieu, is just ridiculous. Can't move. He's 6-7 and listed at 287 pounds. Another DH. The 2B, Siena, looks athletic, though was not productive at the plate. Also caught in Game 2 the little guy from Hawaii -- the Mets answer to Altuve -- and he's certainly short. The SS, Reyes, has a good body. Tall at 6-2 with nice speed. Again, no success with the bat. Player after player, there's just not a lot there. The LF showed a strong arm, but I didn't catch his name.

Saw Desmond in two games, he struck out 5 times and generally looked overmatched. He did come up with one hard hit ball at the right time, with the bases loaded. Lined a ball over the 1B's head that rolled into the outfield corner. With plus-plus speed, could have easily been a triple; he settled for a double, but with two outs that was the right decision anyway. He's fast but not lightning fast. Looks like an athlete when he isn't watching strike after called strike. He's simply very young for this level. This is his baptism by fire period. Not a fair time to judge him.

Again: This team is very, very bad. Feels like a lost year. It will be interesting how this team handles next year for this group and the Kingsport team.

James Preller

Thomas Brennan said...

Good first hand input, James. I agree.
Several Kingsport guys ought to leapfrog their Cyclone hitting counterparts in 2016..

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