Morning Report - September 12 - David Wright, Danile Murphy, St. Louis Cardinals, John Delcos

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I wanted to wait a few days before I commented fully on the shutting down of David Wright for the remainder of the season.

I have a few things to say here.

Inflammation isn’t something that is going to ruin your career, but it is something that will limit your ability to play this, or any game, at 100%. It really doesn’t matter how hard you try to swing at a baseball, or throw one to your catcher, your ability to do so at a pro-level will be limited simply by the fact your body will shut down by the percentage that the inflammation is hindering what you are attempting to do.

You can only take so many Ibuprofen and run so much hot water over the area that is hurting you. ‘Shutting down’ will always be top on the list of medical solutions for this problem.

Secondly, whose responsibility is it to come to the realization that there are 138 million reasons to put your start third baseman on the shelf until next season?

 Folks, I usually don’t miss an opportunity to be critical of either Terry Collins or Sandy Alderson. I think it is normal to criticize your management, but, in this case, the first responsibility falls on the player.

I’m sure the Mets management (and medical staff) could observe Wright and see things weren’t kosher. What do you do? You walk over to your guy and ask him if he’s okay and he says ‘yeah’. Do you start an argument with him?

Sandy said all the right things when he discussed this shutdown. You expect your stars to play hurt, but you also expect them to know when even they can do nothing to solve this while still playing the game daily.

Do I blame any of them?

No, in my opinion, this falls in the ‘it is what it is’ category.

Zackery Rymer on Ruben Tejada –

Tejada’s not a totally unplayable shortstop. He at least has a good eye at the plate, and his defense is better than passable. But without a good bat, good power, good bas erunning or a truly elite glove, it’s hard to see him becoming any better than just playable. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2189046-br-mlb-500-top-35-shortstops/page/3

So, at what point does the actions of either Fred or Jeff Wilpon become enough to force the sale of the organization, similar to what went on out in the west coast with Donald Sterling, or the mess currently involved with the owner of the Atlanta Hawks?

            I read over the statements made in the lawsuit against both the team and the Wilpons personally, by ex-VP, Leigh Castergine, that Jeff “frequently humiliated Castergine in front of others”, pretending to see if she had an engagement ring on.  The suit also said that Wilpon told her that she would make more money when she gets a ring.

            Can you do this in 2014? I barely could in 1980.

            New Commissioner, Rob Manfred, will only look weak unless he takes the same approach here as Adam Silver did with Sterling.

            It is becoming so embarrassing to be associated with this team, if you call what I do being associated. Why in God’s name would anyone want to take their family to this city and do what they do best for this man and his family?

            I know people are innocent before being proven guilty, but I hope that Manfred can step in here before this becomes a long, drawn out, ugly mess, both for baseball and the Mets. Find a new owner, settle the suit, and make the Wilpons go away.


I was watching MLB television while writing my column and Joel Sherman came on, discussing Daniel Murphy. He said something really interesting. He stated that this currently is a short that simply doesn’t have that many decent ‘hitters’ and he can’t understand why the Mets would want to trade their best hitter, one of the best in baseball, and one that is paid less than $10mil per season.

You know, if we weren’t Mets fans, and we rooted for some American League team out west, all this would sound pretty stupid. Someone in your inner circle might point out that the Mets had a prospect second baseman ready to step in, but you’d counter with the fact of ‘how many times have I heard that before’? Again this is one of the top hitter in the game and he’s cheap!

Just food for thought.

We move on to the NL Central and first take a look at the St. Louis Cardinals.

According to Cot[i], the Cardinals have a 2014 payroll of $111,250,000.

Outfield wise, LF Matt Holliday is under contract through 2016 at $17mil per season. Both centerfielders, Jon Jay ($3.25/mil - .321) and Peter Bourjos ($1.2mil - .245) are entering their second arbitration year. Right field was originally Alan Craig, but has now been taken over by super-prospect Oscar Tavares (.228) since the Craig trade to Boston.

Right behind Tavares in the AAA-PCL is #1 prospect Stephen Piscotty (.288, 9-HR, 69-RBI) and #8 prospect Randal Grichuck (25-HR, 71-RBI).

Regarding shortstop, Jhonny Peralta (488-AB, .264, 19-HR, 63-RBI) signed on for a 4-year, $53mil deal that ends at the end of the 2017 season.

Mack Observation –

            Well, I still think the Mets made a mistake in not signing Peralta; however, in retrospect, he’s only having the same kind of year Wilmer Flores would have produced if he played the entire season. This fact alone represents a $50mil+ savings for the Mets.

            No, this is one of your ‘target teams’, but, in this case, it’s for an outfielder. They can’t field all the great ones they have on their team, and coming up to their team soon.

I know in my heart that the Cardinals would push Grichuck, but the guy you want here is Piscotty. He’s a natural born hitter and his swing would fit in perfect in the spacious CitiField.

What do the Cardinals need? Well, they have to start thinking about an eventual replacement for Yadier Molina behind the plate. A.J. Pierzynski ($8mil) will test free agency and Kevin Plawecki would be the perfect replacement.

Let’s remember that Plawecki is ranked by Baseball America (mid-season ranking reports) as the 40th prospect… Piscotty is ranked at #49. This is how valuable a catcher-prospect is and a one-to-one deal for these two guys should be accomplishable.

Lastly, in my opinion, there are only a handful of great Mets blog sites. John Delcos’ New York Mets Report is one of them.

The site fell silent in the past six months and it looked like we lost him as a blogger. Well, it turned out that we actually almost lost him... period.
Read what has gone on over there 

(http://www.newyorkmetsreport.com/2014/09/08/please-accept-my-heartfelt-apologies/) and welcome John back. He’s one of the good ones.


Thomas Brennan said...

I'm glad David finally shut it down. It's too bad he did not DL himself and get a cortisone shot. Campbell would have done OK, and maybe David with an extra week or 2 could have finished the season. Is what it is - get better, David.

One of the posts yesterday suggested Murph to 3rd and Wright to LF. Very interesting. If David can handle LF, and he's willing, why not? That would be quite a solid offense next year, especially if they make the park suitably less "spacious" for 2015.

Thomas Brennan said...

Meant to write "when he got his cortisone shot." I need one in the head this early in the morning!

Ernest Dove said...

So am I the only one who finds it almost a little hysterical that Chris Young is hitting bombs and walk offs for the Bronx bombers right now? Amazin....the difference between playing for the Mets, and playing for the Yankees.

Christopher Soto said...


I mention that to Michael Baron the minute he signed with the Yanks that he would probably hit 10 HRs in September just to troll the Mets.

John Zozo said...

I give David a pass on the year, I think if healthy he can still hit 18-22 hrs next year. He still needs someone behind him in the order to protect him(kemp)?

The Wilpons are going to get another slap on the wrist, and besides they are are saving all their $$$ on the super mall they want to build next door.

Trade Murphy ASAP his trade value will never be higher then this offseason. Hopefully last night HBP isn't that big a deal.

Thomas Brennan said...

Speaking of HBP, did any of you see the Stanton clip? Damaging fastball right in the face - they rule he was swinging!!! And then the guy who pinch hits for him gets hit on the hands, and he's ruled as swinging!!! They both looked like desperate evasive maneuvers to me, not swings. Are these umps nuts??

Michael S. said...

I'd take either Piscotty or Grichuk. For as good a hitter he is, he hasn't shown much power. Is he expected to develop it or are we looking at a 10 HR guy?

Steve from Norfolk said...

Ernest -
The fences are the main difference. Center is the same at Citi Field and Yankee Stadium, but the left field and right field foul poles are about 20 feet closer to the plate at Yankee Stadium. Right center is 15 feet closer at Yankee Stadium, but left field at its deepest is 15 feet deeper at Yankee Stadium. I remember Young pulling a lot of his long balls close to the foul pole in left field.

John, About this mall - will the plaque where Shea's home plate was be in the Sears, or at the Orange Julius? Knowing the Wilpons, it'll probably be under a urinal in one of the men's rooms.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that moving Wright to LF would result in the additional pop the Mets are looking for and normally don't go for moving players into totally new positions. As far as the dimensions, I don't know the minutes specifics on distance, but if you want to bring them in a few, knock yourself out; with the emerging staff, seems like a bit of a gain than a loss, but not that much at the end of the day. I would rather see the OF fences go back to traditional shaping and not have all the nooks and crannies

Reese Kaplan said...

@Mack When you said that's what you could have gotten from Flores for a huge savings, what moron filling out the lineup card marginalized him (and continues to do so putting him in the 8th spot in the order)?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is more than I thought on the dimensions. Maybe split the difference and round out the configuration

Christopher Soto said...


Yea I did.....Fiers was very distraught after it happened. Milwaukee did well to remove him from the game after that inning.

TECHNICALLY.....by Rule Definitions...Giancarlo and Johnson did both swing.

Kinda shitty that it was called but it is what it is.

Michael S. said...

I'd move d'Arnaud to LF before Wright.

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

Gee... I thought I was being kind to Flores.

Michael S. said...

Piscotty, that is.

Mack Ade said...

Michael -

I agree 100% on Piscotty

Thomas Brennan said...

I'm going to post an article on Monday on the Citi fences - BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR IT, GENTS!

Hobie said...

Before Wright was officially shut down (wasn’t this an obvious eventuality?) I suggested here playing Murph at 3B often enough to (a) enhance his value off-season; (b) allow the Herrera-Flores DP combo to be fully evaluated; and if (a) & (b) were successful, (c) contemplate the idea of a 2015 DW in LF.

Unless blown away by a deal for our all-star 2B/3B in the fall, I would extend Murphy. A medium length, sub-superstar contract might actually add to future trade value. Now I’ve liked Daniel since I first noticed him as a back-field call-up for a ST game (and asked Mack “Who is this guy?”). It’s not entirely rational, I admit; just little things like the way he smiled at the Colo bench when Blackmon attempted a bunt his way on the first pitch after his return (It welled up the same sense of affection I had for Campy & Gil in my pre-adolescence.)

Anyway, I now contemplate the following scenarios involving keeping Murphy in Queens (at least for a few more grins):

1.- Start out 2015 with a Wright-Legares-Granderson OF; Duda, Herrera & Murphy at 3, 4 & 5 and let ST determine SS among Flores, Reynolds (Rivera!), etc. If Nimmo is mlb ready by July, someone will have to take a back seat. My preference, Grandy—but a deadline deal of Murph could not be ignored if the return value were there.

2.- Sign Cuddyer (David wants him). Murphy starts the season at 2B & Grandy in LF (were he should be playing anyway) and if Herrera AND Nimmo are pounding at the door in June/July the above midseason logjam is compounded. Conforto replaces Cuddyer in 2017. Depending upon return value & mid-season performance, would anybody consider moving Duda & returning Murphy to 1B? Cuddyer? There’s still the Grandy question—a mighty expensive 4th OF’er.

3.- Pure fantasy: sign Yas ‘mas. The only imaginable possibility of this happening would be if the Granderson contract could be unloaded…or Wright! Wright for Seager—add croutons & dressing (and ISIS converts to Buddhism exchanging AK-47’s for Tibetan Longhorns) Thus suspending reality for a moment, I think of a Nimmo-Legares-Tomas OF and worry about Conforto when it’s time to do so. Rosario eventually bumps Seager to 3B and the decade ends with a Smith (Tony Gwynn), Herrera (Joe Morgan), Rosario (Ozzie), Seager (Brett) IF

…OK, I’m awake now.

John Zozo said...


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