SURGERY - SP - Michael Fulmer


Right-handed prospect Michael Fulmer, the 44th overall pick in 2011, underwent surgery to remove a bone spur from his pitching elbow.


Thomas Brennan said...

Maybe this clean out will help as much as it did for Familia and Mejia last year.

Anthony said...

Unfortunately I doubt Fulmer is every going to "make it" - he has had a lot of different injury problems since turning professional.

Maybe he is a guy like Matz who suddenly gets healthy and starts looking like a real piece on the major league team in the future.

But again the difference between him and someone like Matz is that Matz was suffering with a single health issue which eventually was rectified.

Fulmer is a different animal.

Michael S. said...

How about a move to the bullpen? I can see the team moving on from Parnell and trading Mejia given his antics and the FO's view on relievers. A future back end of Fulmer, Edgin, Black, and Familia could be very strong.

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