Morning Report – September 24 – Jacob deGrom, Collin McHugh, Frank Wren, Steven Matz, Tampa Bay Rays


It’s interesting how Jacob deGrom has now become the strikeout king of the New York Mets. Frankly, I can’t remember a Mets pitcher being this dominant the first year they pitched, especially at the end of the season. He’s pitched three times in September, with 38 strikeouts in 27-IP (1.33).

We talk all the time about moving the fences in so the Mets bats can hit better. Well, what about the benefit the Mets pitchers have pitching on their home mound?
DeGrom has pitched 12 road games, generating a 3.52 ERA, but, at home, he’s pitched 10 times, striking out 71 in 68.2 innings while generating a 1.70 earned run average.

You may want to think twice about your wishes here. You just finished watching the Mets totally dominate the Atlanta Braves (in Atlanta), first by pitching and second, by scoring more than the average amount of runs they are used to scoring. But, as long as your pitching staff can dominate like they did in that series, you only need around four runs a game to eventually win your division.

CitiField may just be the best friend you have next season.


Comment From Nik  - Lots of rumors with Cubs and Mets matching up in offseason for trade. Instead of proposing (a probably) ludicrous offer, I'll ask what you think an intriguing trade might look like. Thanks.

Steve Adams: Some kind of Castro/Rafael Montero swap would make sense to me, probably with some more pitching involved on New York's side, given the nice rebound season that Castro has had.

Comment From Mets Fan  - do you have a corner outfielder for us who will provide steady production at an affordable cost?

Steve Adams: I like the idea of signing Cuddyer on the cheap, playing him at first against a lefty and then getting a guy like Justin Ruggiano in a trade from Chicago to play left when Cuddy's at first.

Comment From ChiSox fan  - Could Travis d'Arnaud be gotten in a trade? We need a catcher BADLY.

Steve Adams: The Mets have two really good young catchers in d'Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki, so I can't imagine him being off limits, but I don't know how well the White Sox line up for a deal. Mets need a SS and an outfielder, and Alexei Ramirez isn't getting d'Arnaud. Maybe Avi Garcia would.

 You might not have noticed Jeurys Familia strike out Freddie Freeman swinging on an up-and-in fastball a few days ago, but it warmed the hearts of Mets' people. Familia has dominated right-handed hitters this season, holding them to a .138 batting average and .166 slugging percentage. Lefties, however, are hitting .308 with a .461 slugging percentage against the right-handed set-up man. "He's just learning to throw that inside fastball to lefthanders, like he did to Freeman,'' one Mets' decision-maker said."Once he can do that with some consistency, he'll be the closer (over Jenrry Mejia). His stuff is that good.'' http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/harper-best-team-made-yankees-mets-rosters-article-1.1949831

Wow. That’s some hot stuff from that source. I’ve always liked Familia but I didn’t realize how good he looks to the outside baseball people. Familia… Black… Parnell… Mejia… four guys that could close, There’s nothing wrong with this!

Bill Metsiac asked -

1) With all the ways to go re: SS/LF over the Winter, how about asking the "members" here for their opinions BEFORE Alderson makes his decisions?

LF--Do we trade for or sign as FAs players from other orgs, or go with a platoon of dD/Kirk and Campbell or someone like Cuddyer? If we do the former, that blocks out Nimmo and Conforto, at least one of whom should be ML-ready within a year. My take: Go with the platoon unless we can get Cespedes (locked in for only one year). If not, add Cuddyer if he'll sign reasonable for no more than 2 years.

Mack – Bill, I’ll open up with my opinion here. I am a newly signed up member of the Wilpon-Alderson austerity program and, frankly, I can’t remember the last time this team signed someone for big bucks that paid off. I would like to see a one-year signing here a la Cuddyer, that will keep things humming until Nimmo is reading to step in (conservatively) on opening day 2016.

SS--Do we give Flores the job, backed up by Tejada, Reynolds, or someone from outside that we could get on a 1-year deal? My take: Let Flores keep the job for now, with Reynolds getting a chance to compete in ST.

I would give the opening day SS to Flores and re-evaluate it around the all-star break. I also would keep Tejada as my SS/2B utility infielder and pay him his just due in the arbitration process. I think, in the long run, Flores will produce more HRs and RBIs than most shortstops in the league. I really do.

 And while we talk about young pitchers that seem to have come out of nowhere to prove once again that we so called experts don’t know everything, what about ex-Met pitcher Collin McHugh? All he’s done for Houston is go 7-0, 1.77 in his last 10 starts. How did all the Mets experts miss on this one?

Well, as our wonderful 9th round pick written about above (deGrom), and people like Juan Lagares, some professional minor leaguers are just late bloomers and need only the stage in which to perform what they do well. The Mets never gave that to McHugh. Houston did. Basically, the end of story, but maybe the real ending here could be a deGrom vs. McHugh facing in the last series of the season. That would be a hoot, but it's not going to happen. McHugh was shut down due to innings limits on Monday evening.

The firing of Frank Wren as General Manager of the Atlanta Braves continue to prove that no one is safe in this game and you are as good as your last pennant. Wren’s downfall (IMO) have been some God-awful deals for people like Dan Uggla and B.J. Upton. Add to this a tremendous amount of bad luck when it comes to pitching injuries and a complete collapse at the end of the season (culminating with a weekend sweep by the Mets), and that was it for Wren.  (Jerry Crasnick: until this year, Wren produced consistent winners on modest, middle-tier payrolls. Just no postseason success).

Baseball is no different than every other job in this country. You keep it if you do a better job than you did a year ago. That’s how this whole success thing works (Mark Simon: Braves averaged 91 wins from 2009 to 2013 ... one bad year and the GM goes).
How does all this translate to Sandy Alderson keeping his job? Well, based on how the Mets have played since ten games prior to the All-Star break, Alderson has earned a return to Queens, but there will be a day that he will have to be judged for not making the playoffs.

Wren had one disadvantage to Alderson. No one ever has projected Alderson’s Mets to win their division.

Steven Matz, LHP (No. 9 prospect) - The lefty took a big step toward making good on a childhood dream this season. The Long Island native, who grew up a Mets fan, posted a 2.24 ERA and a 1.19 WHIP in 24 starts with Class A Advanced St. Lucie and Double-A Binghamton, then carried a no-hit bid through seven innings in the Eastern League championship game.

General manager Sandy Alderson considers Matz a part of the organization's Major League starting-rotation depth for 2015.

"You don't see a left-hander sitting 93-94 [mph] consistently with the assortment of pitches that he has," Alderson said. "He's very definitely on the short list at this point."
Added Matz: "I'm pretty encouraged. It's pretty awesome to be in the mix."

"Definitely, my curveball has come a long way from last year," Matz said. "I feel a lot more confident throwing it early in the count and putting hitters away with it when I'm ahead in the count. It's almost like I can have two gears with it now, whereas last year, I was just flipping it in there and hoping for the best." http://m.mets.mlb.com/news/article/95849306/mets-farmhands-take-right-mindset-into-2015

  Mack – It is pretty exciting to see Matz ‘in the mix’, but make no mistake here. He won’t be available to pitch in Queens until after he gets past all this ‘Super 2’ shit. Possibly right after the all-star break, but still based on the performance levels of the other starters, how many aren’t on the team anymore, and if any of them is on the DL.

I happen to think he projected earlier than Syndergaard, but that’s just me.
We continue looking at the American League East division for a possible trading partner for a future LF or SS. This time, it’s the Tampa Bay Rays.

According to Cot[i], the Rays 2014 salaries are $76,872,384 (this includes $5.5mil net that is still being paid to Heath Bell).

The Tampa Bay shortstop is Yunel Escobar, who is contracted through a team option in 2017.

Outfield wise, David DeJesus (really the starting DH) still has a 2015 contract of $5.12mil left (plus 2016 team option), Matt Joyce (392-AB, .260) is being paid $3.7mil in his ARB-2 year, Desmond Jennings (479-AB, .244) will begin his first arbitration year in the spring, and Wil Myers (282-AB, .227) is pre-ARB. Additionally, there is two more pre-ARB players, in play, Brandon Guyer (230-AB, .265) and Kevin Kiermaier (293-AB, .270)

Prospect wise, there is an interesting shortstop here (Hak-Ju Lee), but he had a miserable 2014 (AAA: .203) and needs at least another year before he’s either playable or tradeable. #2 prospect, SS Willy Adames, is at least two years away.
Mikie Mahtook is their closest outfield to being ready and he just finished up a decent AAA-INT  season (489-AB, .292/.362/.458/.820, 12-HR, 68-RBI. Scouts project him as either a right fielder or a 4th outfielder at best.

Mack Observation – Tampa Bay is not going to spend a tremendous amount of money in the off-season and most of their future players will come from within their system.
I would love Mahtook to be in my organization, but he really isn’t a left fielder. The guy you would want to pry away here is the 23-year old Myers, but he also is a right fielder.

I guess all this means pass and move on.


Anonymous said...

I'll throw the first trade scenario out there.....

Cubs trade: SS Starlin Castro
Mets trade: SP Dillon Gee, SP Rafael Montero, SP Logan Verrett.

What do you guys think?

Anthony said...

Mack, you can't remember a Mets pitcher being this dominant the first year they pitched?

Um...I think you are old enough to remember Dwight Gooden?

I didn't have a chance to post yesterday so I'd also like to take issue with a statement you made yesterday.

You said:

Lastly, I’d love a shot at Bradley Jr. I think a good coach on a new team could turn this kid around, especially if someone like Granderson would take him under his wing and train him as his replacement. You would be surprised at how little the Red Sox would probably want here to get this kid.

Mack, Jackie Bradley Jr. (JBJ) was generally regarded as a top 10 prospect in all of baseball prior to the season. When you write "[Y]ou would be surprised at how little the Red Sox would probably want here to get this kid" what gives you any indication that is the case?

JBJ had a rough year - that's for sure - but think about this statement in respect of one of the Mets prospects who is also a top 10 consensus guy: Noah Syndergaard. Are you saying that because Syndergaard didn't have an All-Star year that you would be surprised at how little another team would have to give up for the Mets to trade him?

Of course not. Prospects go through growing pains in the minors and majors and JBJ, like Syndergaard, is still extremely highly regarded even though he had an off-year. The Red Sox won't give him away for a small return, that's for sure.

Anthony said...

Cubs hang up the phone on the Mets if that Gee, Montero, and Verrett for Castro trade proposal is floated.

Gee: not a great year due to both injury and performance issues
Montero: has had a big problem with HR in limited time in the majors and is unproven.
Verrett: a throw-in to any deal because he is not highly-regarded.

Castro is a 24 year old who already has 11.2 fWAR and who is signed through 2019 with an option for 2020.

Put another way, Montero and Verrett are almost the same age as Castro and are totally unproven major leaguers.

According to reports, something more like Wheeler, Syndergaard, and Verrett would be required for the Cubs to give him up.

Brian Joura said...

I don't think a guy being a RF should eliminate him from consideration. Even if no deal for an OF is made, I expect Curtis Granderson to move to LF next year.

Thomas Brennan said...

I respectfully disagree with the fences being good as is, and hope to add an article again on the subject in the next few days.

One example: Matz, who will be in our rotation soon, gave up 3 homers this season. He should do OK with fences in Citi shortened to be average homer park considering bad ball carry.

Just like McHugh bloomed late, Dekker is doing the same - he is .270/.380 as mostly a lead off hitter since recall - with his speed and defense, and history of continuing improvement once he adapts to a level, I am sure Mets management may be considering him to start in LF.

Kirk has really improved in all areas but K's. .250/.350/.480 ain't bad.

More and more, I think they should avoid fire-sale deals for Murphy, Colon, Gee and Niese; what we've got is showing promise, so whether it is this off-season or mid-year, trade optimally.

John Zozo said...

I think Soto's trade offer isn't bad from both teams perspectives. I do believe your trade offer is outlandish, it's a bit over the top for castro. I would rather just keep Flores at short though.
I also like Avisal Garcia on the white sox. I would seriously consider that trade for D'arnaud, but would rather part with Plawecki instead.

Anthony said...

John, you may think that proposal of Wheeler plus Syndergaard is over the top, but this is what I read the Cubs were asking from the Mets.

Castro is only three months older than Wheeler and is almost exactly two years older than Syndergaard, but Castro is a proven, borderline All-Star shortstop.

Where are you going to get a 24 year old proven borderline All-Star shortshop?

Factor in the lack of hitting in the majors and the fact that Castro is under team control through 2020 and you realize that the Cubs are not trading him for anything less than proven major leaguers or top of the line (best in baseball) prospects.

Syndergaard may still bust - he's never seen the majors - and Wheeler has control issues.

Castro, for all his occasional mental lapses, has still already accumulated 11.2 fWAR at the tender age of 24.5.

No chance the Cubs trade Castro for a package like Gee (injured and ineffective in 2014 and CAREER fWAR of 2.4 at age 28), Montero (unproven), and Verrett (lottery ticket).

That's a pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

Steve from Western NY
I have to ask all you Mets fans, how are you going to feel if the team doesn't make 1 single addition in the off season?
I have a feeling you are all going to be disappointed in what Sandy does?
I could see them having Harvey,delayed with Parnell till May. Leaving Flores at short with a mini battle,with Reynolds and Tejada. Move Granderson to Left and have MDD Nieuwenhuis Campbell and Puello fight for Right field playing time.
The one move is for a lefty out of the bullpen,maybe? I'd love for them to get Andrew Miller.
But anyway why waste your time thinking of trade scenerios,that wont happen?
Just a thought

Mack Ade said...

Chris -

I especially like your trade. All the Mets lose are excess pitchers and they gain a SS that fields the same way Flores does, but is a much better hitter

Mack Ade said...

Anthony -

I'd still like a shot at JBJ

Mack Ade said...

Anthony -

Gooden? Wasn't he a Yankee?

I did forget him... my bad.

Charles said...

I'd do that deal in a second. I don't know that Chicago would. Only if they felt Verret has a chance to be a legit SP4/5 someday soon.

Mack Ade said...

Steve -


Well, most of us here on Mack's Mats have been around for awhile and really don't have that much to talk about when it comes to this team other than having an open discussion about where we hope this team goes some day.

Others of us, like me, simply don't have a life :)

I particularly don't write about trade possibilities, but they are a favorite in the comment section because no five people here have ever agreed on anything.

Even in your post that said e waste a lot of time doing this, you called for Andrew Miller.

Just have some fun here.

Charles said...

The Mets, strictly due to their young pitching, should keep the fences as is.

Build a damn offense already and with the pitching they have, they'd dominate!

What would it cost to bring the fences in again? Another 10 million? Add that to the payroll this year and buy a decent bat...

Mack Ade said...

Charles -

I'm starting to worry that no one wants anyone in a trade that isn't either an underpaid superstar or a team controlled prospect.

What exactly are we gloing to do with pitchers like Niese, Gee, and Colon when Syndergaard and Matz are ready, if we can't get a trade done?

Anonymous said...

If MLB Trade Rumors believes that Castro for Montero is a good starting point? then adding Gee and Verrett should certainly push it over the edge of acceptance.

Cubs are extremely light on pitching and need arms. All 3 of those guys are solid MLB capable arms.

Thomas Brennan said...

While moving fences in might make life a little tougher for the young-uns on the mound, I am not saying to turn it into Camden Yards (although they are winning). I personally think they'd win MORE by doing it, and add to entertainment value.

We've been conditioned to having mostly lousy hitting in pitchers' parks for almost 55 years. It need not stay that way.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

I'm not against anything that can help the Mets win more ballgames.

Anonymous said...

"Get a power bat for the OF" is probably the most common refrain when it comes to the Mets, but even setting aside what trade inventory the Mets might give up, consider what actually exists. There are a total of 19 players with 25 or more HR right now in the ML and one of them is named Lucas Duda, so there are really only 18 to choose from. Of those 18, only 6 of them play the OF: Trout, Stanton, Cruz, Bautista, Jones and Upton; the rest are either 1B/C/3B or DH. Considering that Trout, Stanton, and Jones are probably untouchable, that leaves Bautista, Cruz or Upton that might be available via trade. An argument can be made that the Jays might bite on a deal for Joey Bats, but probably unlikely and it would cost the Farm to get him. Cruz is available come this off season, but he is looking at a big pay day for a 34 year old, who has 12 HR and a .773 OPS in the second half after scorching the first half. That leaves Justin Upton, who the Braves are likely going to try for an extension because he is a FA after 2015, but it is hard to believe that he would forgo his first opportunity at FA, so he will likely hit the open market after next season. He will be 27 when he hits FA, so this is not the typical 2nd Gen contract, but he is going to cost a bundle and there will be a pile of suitors. Given the scarcity of "power bats" there is also a surplus of teams who will covet the limited supply, making the Mets job that much more difficult, so reading comments like "Sandy needs to go out and get a bat, dammit" fail to recognize current market conditions. If you want to add in players who hit 20+ HR, the inventory expands, but also now enters into a category where the Mets have two of their top prospects in Nimmo and Conforto, so a trade or acquisition for that profile would create an expensive redundancy. I am all for getting a Bat, but it is not like going to the store to buy a can of baked beans.

Anon Joe F

Mack Ade said...

Joe F -

Thanks for doing the research on OF bats.

I remember being told 20 years ago that there never has been a lot of 'sluggers' in this game. We always remember the big names, but, even in the big days of home run hitting, the 10th ranked guy each year was in the 20 HR range.

Thomas is probably right... moving in mid-right field will insure that Curtis Granderson hits over 20 home runs... that's one.

The other may be a crap shoot, but the team does have the chance of having 20+ home run hitters never year in Duda, Wright, d'Arnaud, and even Flores.

That would be five 20+ home run hitters on one team.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Mack, in the 20 HR category, you could then add possibly (and not every year) Murphy (if he stays) or even Dilson, who hit 10 in 278 official at bats in Bingo this year after his promotion from spacious (there goes that nasty word again) St Lucie.

Heck, if they somehow decide den Dekker is their everyday 2015 OF, we need to keep in mind he hit 17 along with 39 other extra base hits in 135 games in 2012. Maybe with shorter fences, he's pushing 20 homers by 2016 once he is fully adjusted to the majors.

Shorter fences allow you to view the power potential of players in a whole new way.

Michael S. said...

We already have a new power bat for the OF. Unfortunately he's currently a catcher...who hits triples.

bob gregory said...

Kemp & Cespedes would be my targets in trade.

Even if Alderson could not "win" the trade or even have to "overpay" a bit in talent.

Or... as a free agent...

If none of those were able to be obtained, I would simply trade in order to bolster the minor league talent

Additionally I would strongly suggest against sending Murphy anywhere other than the Mets 2b bag

Anthony said...

Mack always responds to comments and most of his responses are good-natured so thanks for that Mack as well as all of the work you do to research and write these posts.

We can agree it would be nice to acquire JBJ.

I too feel like Steve from Western New York that the Mets will make almost no acquisitions in the offseason and SS will be a Flores/Reynolds competition and LF will be a MDD or Niewenhuis platoon with Campbell.

The only possible pick-up I see is some right-handed bat like Cuddyer as the right-handed part of the LF platoon.

The Wilpons will count on the big league team to improve with the return to health of Harvey and Parnell, and the return to form of Wright and will approve any major expenditures. The only way that Alderson has someone of importance is if he is (somehow, doubtfully) able to shed the contracts of Colon, Niese, and/or Murphy.

thunder12k said...

Did somebody really say they would trade d'Arnaud for Avisail Garcia? I know he's 23 but he's never played more than 72 games in a season and he slept with Prince Fielder's wife.

I wouldn't trade Tejada for that guy.

Mack Ade said...

Bob Greg -

Not many participants here like the idea of the Mets trading for Kemp. I also hear he's a real downer in the clubhouse and a general pain in the ass.

Cespedes would be a great target.

Mack Ade said...

Anthony -

Thanks for your comment.

Yeah, JBJ would just be a great project... 4th or 5th outfielder... he's a very emotional ballplayer (sort of like the way Cory Vaughn approaches the game... in a good mood/play well... etc.)

His days in Boston are obviously over and you should be able to trade for him on the cheap.

I also agree with you that there will be very little activity this off season by Alderson, which will create some #MetsTwitter mess...

Cudyer would be an outstanding one year add and, frankly, I'd like to see a new LHRP from the outside.

Anonymous said...

Add in Nimmo or Conforto. The former has potential to get there and there latter is projected to get there along with high average, OBP and extra base hits. I think the lineup is going to end up looking like a solid group of bats that don't necessarily hit moon shots, except for Duda, who can really rip it when he barrels it
Anon Joe F

Michael S. said...

I'd take on Kemp but I'd want Seager with him.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Mack, there is a lefty bullpen veteran out there who has struck out 149 in 111 innings the past 2 years, with an ERA just above 3.00. His name? OLLIE PEREZ. Unreal.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

Ollie would sign with Isis before becoming a Met again.

thunder12k said...

Cuddyer is the reigning NL Batting Champ who was having a solid year again this year before getting hurt. I like him a lot for this team but I don't see him signing a 1 year deal unless he plans on giving the World Series 1 last shot and that wouldn't be with the Mets.

Anonymous said...


A) He's only played in 45 games this season.

B) People will be worried about him leaving Colorado and the Coors effect. With Colorado he's been a .300+ AVG hitter with an .850+ OPS, in Minnesota (at a younger age) he was a .270 hitter with a lot lower but still strong .790 OPS.

c) He'll be 36 next season having missed chunks of seasons in 2 of the last 3 years.

d) Colorado (who LOVES Cuddyer) is already on record questioning if they will go more than even $4m - $6m for next season. (http://www.denverpost.com/rockies/ci_26529123/colorado-rockies-player-payroll-2015-turning-into-puzzle(

I think he will demand a 2yr contract in the $10-12m range (which I would sign in a second) but he could be had for 1yr if the market drags out or he's offered a 1 yr/$8m contract with a player option for 2016

Anonymous said...

Some people have thrown the idea of signing Cuddyer as a platoon starter in LF which I think is ludicrous. His splits are not large enough to warrant platooning and quite the numbers are good against both.

.273 AVG, .782 OPS vs righties
.291 AVG, .883 OPS vs lefties

I do LOVE the idea of signing Cuddyer and using him in LF vs righties and at 1B against lefties, thus, sitting Duda and playing Campbell or Puello in OF against lefties.

It would maximize Duda's strength and it finds a spot for Puello who this year hit .220 AVG, .647 OPS vs righties....BUT....312 AVG, .942 OPS vs lefties.

Anthony said...

Mack, this link has some other Met rookie pitchers that were stellar. Specifically, this story says Izzy had the same rookie WAR and Jae Seo was a hair (no pun intended on deGrom better:


John Zozo said...

I love kemp as well, a perfect fit to our number 4 spot and right field.

Mack Ade said...

Anthony -


John Zozo said...

Sorry I would move D'arnaud as long as Garcia is part of a package coming back. But would prefer to do a straight up for a Plawecki.
I also like Anthony Recker as the back up, between him and D'arnaud they can average 25 hrs a season.

John Zozo said...

I would only part with wheeler and syndergaard in a package for Stanton and I probably still wouldn't do it.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, I'm sure being in Seattle is not far enough from Citifield for Ollie - I mentioned it tongue firmly in cheek :)

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

IMO... I'd leave d'Arnaud here and deal off Plawecki. You're going to get more of a return this way... pure prospect... no injury history...

But neither would be enough to get you the kind of LF you would want to stick out there for years.

I honestly think Alderson has a big problem on his hands.. he has a decent amount of movable players and the only way you're going to get a quality return is to put together a package deal for a guy like CarGo (just using his name as an example)... but then... would the Mets take on that kind of contract?

No... I really don't know what the next steps would be here...

Anonymous said...

I go different that trying to get a big ML return for the Vets in a trade, stock up on all of the upper level minors you can get and look to add in some high ceiling lower minor league players as well. The primary purpose of moving them is to clear the way for the studs on the come and clear a third of your payroll without diminishing the team. Hopefully what the Mets can get in return would be a sizable haul of prospects that would swell an already emerging farm that could be used as future trade inventory to protect the Crown Jewels or take the $30M savings and look to add Justin Upton after 2015. He will only be 27, so not the kind of contract that Sandy hates, profiles exactly as what the Mets need and Queens may look just like the place to go after next year with that staff and other talented players around him. This would also make one of Nimmo or Conforto expendable in a trade

Anon Joe F

Richard Jones said...

Concerning the fences.
I believe you always should make your home park pitcher friendly. The wear and tear on a staff in a hitter friendly park carries over to road trips. If a team like the Rockies have a 10 game home stand in which every game is a 10-8 type game. The staff has to have a negative long term impact. If your having low scoring games at home, your hitters should be able to produce on the road in hitter friendly parks.
The biggest negative about pitcher friendly parks is being able to draw offensive talent. Stanton will never be a Met with the fences where they are. Every time he comes up a little short in Miami you can see it in his facial expressions, he is going to a hitter friendly park when he gets the chance. He has his eye on some homerun records. Chicago or Colorado are in his future.

Steve from Norfolk said...


You've got quite a bit of room to bring in the fences and still have what would be considered a pitcher's park. Shea was ALWAYS considered to be a pitchers park, and you've got 20 feet of room to bring in the fences, except in dead center, before you are at Shea dimensions. People don't realize just how big Citi Field is.

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