The Mets had a wonderful group of Sterling Award Winners for 2014, in which the Mets laud what they consider to be the top overall pitcher and position player in the system and the top player at each level.

An august list that includes the following 10 stout and stalwart lads:

Sterling Player of the Year – 2B Dilson Herrera (awesome)
Sterling Pitcher of the Year – LHP Steven Matz (come to Citi now)

Triple-A: IF Matt Reynolds (wow, what a leap forward)
Double-A: C Kevin Plawecki (contact hitting machine in shin guards)
Advanced Single-A: OF Brandon Nimmo  (97 runs in 127 games)
A: LHP Dario Alvarez and RHP Akeel Morris (million Ks, no runs)
Short-season Single-A: RHP Marcos Molina (led league in everything)
Rookie – Appalachian League: OF Vicente Lupo (late power surge)
Rookie – Gulf Coast League: OF John Mora (all around quality)

My first reaction?  CONGRATULATIONS!

My second reaction?  Not Enough Awards.  COME ON!!

·        Why not a Michael Conforto, who did great in an abbreviated short season (sure he could have signed sooner and played longer, but let’s not quibble)?

·        Why not a LJ Mazzilli, who across 2 leagues hit an impressive .301 with 79 runs scored and 79 RBIs, along with 44 extra base hits?

·        Why not a Martirez Arias (6-0, 1.11 ERA, 60 Ks I 57 innings)?

·        Why not a Corey Oswalt (6-2, 2.26, 1.03 WHIP)?

·        Or a Brad Wieck (25 2/3 relief innings, 1.40 ERA, 39 Ks)?

·        Or maybe the spectacular but slightly flawed Jack Leathersich with his 93 Ks in 54 innings, a feat any pitcher on the Mets would have had a hard time achieving if they pitched in the minors like Jack did, who had so many balls MISSING BATS…and POUNDING CATCHER’S LEATHER?  You want an award, Jackie Boy?  Strike EVERYONE out next time.

In some years, the excellent performers would be few and far between, and it would be hard to pick 9 or 10 regular winners. 

But I think there should be an added category added, called Special Mention Awards, and guys like these should get them.  Because they deserve them.  All six of them.  And it would have been an easy lift to get the honorable mentions up to 10.  Adding a few more studs like Noah Syndergaard who, pitching in, say,  the International League instead of PCL hitters’ heaven, would likely have put up spectacular numbers.

OK, I’ll stop.  I’ve regained my composure.  I took a deep breath and I’m calm again. 

But COME ON…let’s give these guys some recognition too.  Spectacular jobs, one and all.  STERLING, in my books.

Anyone out there agree?


Mack Ade said...

I am just writing a future post in which I point out that the addition of you on this site has added a level of expertise about the short season teams that has never been seen before in the Mets world of media.

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