FLASH: Zack Wheeler diagnosed with torn UCL.



Ernest Dove said...

Am i the only one completely over this mets staff and medical team?
They NEVER seem to know when ANYBODY is injured.
Not wright, not Familia not mejia not edgin not black not any of the lefty relievers in 3 yrs.......etc etc etc.
I didn't realize this organization is run like the movie Any Given Sunday or college football movie where guys are getting juiced up to make it through a game physically

Thomas Brennan said...

Good grief with this UCL stuff already. Guys in Seaver's day pitched every 4th day, tons of complete games, and how many careers ended due to inoperable (then) elbow injuries? Something is wrong. Very wrong.

What other team could lose a Wheeler and have Montero, Gee, Matz and Syndergaard to choose from?

I will add a point I wrote last year - I'd promote Matz or Thor - you never know when these elbows will go - so why waste innings of elite prospects who are essentially ready in the minors?

Thomas Brennan said...

I wonder if Terry Collins is "concerned" yet?

bob gregory said...

it is a rare exception that a human arm is designed and built to naturally handle the rigor of pitching a baseball in the high 90moh range for extended periods of time.

Ernest Dove said...

Unfortunately I also believe the Mets organization cares more about SUPER 2 then simply winning with best you have.
I expect Gee in rotation and maybe Montero secures spot in bullpen now (although I haven't seen montero pitch in forever so who knows whats going on with him)

Anonymous said...

In seavers day they did not pitch all year round on traveling teams. The arm is really not built for over hand throwing then add 95 + miles an hour, it is a recipe for injuries.

Robb said...

you can never have too much pitching. sigh. these things happen. next man up.

Thomas Brennan said...

I think this is another cost-saving move by the Mets, announcing 2 pitchers with need of TJ surgery at the same time - get two surgeries at the same time and get a volume discount.

You have to try to laugh, since Mets fans have cried too much and for too long.

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