TRADE - LHP = Jerry Blevins


Mets Acquire Jerry Blevins

The Mets announced that they’ve acquired left-hander Jerry Blevins from the Nationals in exchange for outfielder Matt den Dekker


Stephen Guilbert said...

Well, I guess this is trading from a position of strength for a position of weakness. I long thought Matt den Dekker good enough to be our version of Endy but Blevins is nasty against lefties (.594 OPS for his career and a better than 5:1 K:BB ratio for his career) and fills a hole desperately in need of filling.

This is a 2015 move.

Thomas Brennan said...

I am sorry to see Matt go, having long pulled for him, and wish him well - just not so well that he screws up our Mets as a National!

He deserves a chance to play, and hopefully he'll get reasonable playing time with the Nationals.

Stephen Guilbert said...

It's amazing...Matt den Dekker could have been Juan Lagares but one broken arm changed all that.

I do hope he becomes a good player but not for the Nationals.

eraff said...

One Day.. TWO Trades for MLB Players....am I awake?

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