Position Ranking - 2B


#16 Mets

Daniel Murphy 490.282.321.398.3173.00.6-7.11.4
Matt Reynolds35.230.282.319.270-
Ruben Tejada105.246.315.320.285-2.0-
Dilson Herrera35.241.290.375.295-
Danny Muno35.219.303.326.286-

For the last four seasons, Daniel Murphy has appeared in more Mets games than any other player, and while a part of that speaks to the current state of the New York Metropolitans, it also speaks to Murphy’s reliability and consistency. However, Murphy’s playing time projection was recently docked, thanks to a hamstring injury that could cause him to start the season on the disabled list. When Murphy is healthy, he’s a high-floor, low ceiling bat, but one whose glove grades out as one of the worst in the league at his position.
If Murphy misses extended time, it may very well be Matt Reynolds who would fill in. Resident FanGraphs prospect analyst Kiley McDaniel listed Reynolds as the Mets’ 16th prospect — a utility guy who has the glove to play shortstop and a contact-oriented swing. Reynolds might not kill a team, but that description sounds quite a bit like Ruben Tejada, so interpret that however you want.

Mack - It's hard for me to understand why Fangraphs would only list the Mets 16th in second base when they had one of the two starting second basemen in the All-Star game last year. What else is Murph suppose to do to gain some respect in the game he plays so well?

I don't happen to see any instability this season for the Mets on second. Sure, it's only a matter of time before Murphy winds up at least once on the disabled list, but the Mets have capable fill in players here in both Reynolds and Muno (who will probably be placed on the 40-man before opening day). And then there is always heir apparent Herrera who could finally graduate for good some time around August.

I'll miss Murphy. He's been a loyal Met.


Thomas Brennan said...

All #'s seem conservative, and yes, having Mets ranked 16th for 2Bs makes you wonder who the first 15 are.

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