The Morning Report 3.25.2015 | The Harvey Effect, Injury Updates, Muno vs Campbell, Gee the Survivor


Injury Updates (Chris Soto) - Both 2B Daniel Murphy and SS Wilmer Flores have been cleared to resume baseball activities. According to the front office both are likely to be ready for Opening Day. On the other hand, RHRP Victor Black is unlikely to be ready for the start of the season as he is still suffering from shoulder inflammation/weakness. Thank goodness. A team can take blows to the bullpen and still keep chugging along....but losing both guys from the middle of the diamond, who are excellent hitters, could have really made those first 3 games against the Nationals tough.)

Camp Thoughts (Chris Soto)- With Murphy and Flores both returning, IF Matt Reynolds chances of making the club have probably diminished significantly. However, in IF Daniel Muno's case, even with healthy returns, he may still make the club. Muno continues to put SIGNIFICANT pressure on Eric Campbell's roster spot as the 5th bench guy. The role they are fighting for is primarily as a pinch hitter as well as the back-up 3B. The club has already seen what Campbell can do, he was excellent when he first came up but faded as the season went alone. He also K'd at a ridiculous 26% rate. Muno on the other hand is a switch hitter, high OBP guy, with some sneaky good power and speed. Don't be surprised if he takes Soup's spot.

Mike Vaccaro | New York Post- Every athlete is in harm’s way, to some degree, but, no one voluntarily plunges themselves and their meal ticket into a fire quite like pitchers.“I have a lot of gratitude for this life and this game, and I’ve learned to realize how fast it can turn the other way and be gone from you,” Dillon Gee said. “A lot of times nobody thinks about it until you get that first setback. Then it takes some getting used to, because you have that thought in back of your mind, maybe you’re timid, a little scared getting over that hump.”

(Chris Soto: Not many fans have forgotten that Gee has suffered some injuries of his own. He was having an excellent season in 2012 before a blood clot cut off the blood circulation in arm and caused him to miss the rest of the season. Last year he strained his Lat muscle which caused him to miss a few weeks as well. The man is hungry to show that he belongs. Quite frankly, when Gee is on, he's REALLY good. During the second half of the 2013 season he went 5-4 with a 2.74 ERA while holding batters to a .243 ERA. That's solid  #3 SP caliber numbers.)


Thomas Brennan said...

I can't blame them for starting Colon first. Harvey gate receipts will help buy future expensive talent. I get it.

Anonymous said...

More fans means more money for the Wilpons. They will not spend more on the team and if you're paying attention, 2 years from now, Granderson and Cuddyer are gone and so is their combined 28M or so.

Who is expected to replace them? Nemo and Conforto. Both for about 1M.

The only player making serious money will be Wright.

Thomas Brennan said...

They'll have a bunch of pitchers they'll have to start paying, on the other hand.

Attendance has hovered around 2MM, if I am not mistaken.

If they win, Harvey back, and young players, that attendance could spike by a million this year. Lots more revenue, and my guess is they'd then be more willing to spend if someone expensive would boost the team.

Mack Ade said...

Regarding Gee, you want to root hard for success here.

The goals in 2015 will be much easier to reach if 'we' can get at least 10 wins out of Dillon... at the same time, Montero can settle into the pen and eventually accept it like Mejia.

Jeff Roland said...

lol. that's sarcasm, right?

Dallas said...

What the hell is this nonsense about batting Lagares 9th behind the pitcher?!!? This is especially absurd with the type of Spring he has had.

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