Jacksonville 9 - Binghamton 3


B-Mets Fall to Suns in Spring Opener, 9-3

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – The Binghamton Mets opened their spring schedule by falling to the Jacksonville Suns, 9-3, on Thursday afternoon at the New York Mets Spring Training complex.
B-Mets starter Octavio Acosta was touched for six runs over three innings of work in the defeat. The right-hander went 4-5 with a 2.93 ERA over 12 starts between the Brooklyn Cyclones (SS-A) and Savannah Sand Gnats (Low-A) last season.

Offensively, the B-Mets were led by Victor Cruzado who went 2-for-4 with an RBI single and a double. Jonathan Leroux also chipped in an RBI.

Domingo Tapia, the owner of a 3.96 ERA over 21 starts with the St. Lucie Mets (High-A) in 2014, tossed a scoreless inning of relief.

The B-Mets continue their 10-game spring schedule on Friday afternoon against the Springfield Cardinals at the Mets Spring Training complex in Port St. Lucie.


eraff said...

is there a Near Final Roster for Bingo, or is this just a drag together squad?... is Nimmo There?

eraff said...

Conforto is shown on the Savanah Roster--- not sure he played there at all last year---is that the starting placement?

Mack Ade said...

anything on their local web sites or in their lineups is pure speculation at this point

eraff said...

ok--- I'd be very upset with Conforto at Savanah..

Charles said...

Me too eraff. I think his bat is far too advanced for a low A assignment. But I think that's where he's going.

My theory, is that the Mets have ML veterans signed for left and right field for at least 2 more years and they won't just sit them. So they'll take their time with Conforto knowing that they might not need him or have a place for him until 2017!

Also, since Nimmo is likely starting in AAA, that's already somewhat of a logjam. I think they will put Conforto in Savannah and let him abolish the pitching their and slowly move him up a level every half season.

Think about it, unless one of the 3 outfielders gets hurt or completely sucks, they don't have a slot for Nimmo either. As much as I like the potential in Nimmo's bat, Lagaras has the potential to be another Carlos Gomez.

He's already the world's greatest defensive center fielder and he is far from an automatic out at the plate. He's also getting better every year so he may be there long term, leaving the corners as the only place for any future prospect to play. Grandy and Cuddyer have those spots locked down for 2 more years.

Conforto will spend that time in the minors and finally be promoted at the start of his prime, when he's 24/25 years old.

eraff said...

You don't "slow down development", even if you slow down MLB Deployment.

At higher levels, he becomes more valuable in every way.

Charles said...

I get that but at the same time, they've never promoted guys quicker then a half season pace. Unless of injury anyway.

When you think that Dom Smith started in Low A Savannah, you'd have to assume that Conforto would start in Lucie. I'd like that, I just don't think they'll do it.

And in terms of value, come on? They're not trading him any time soon so that means nothing at the moment. They don't promote to try to jack up his value, they promote as he develops.

This FO, even after monster first months, wait until the all star breaks to promote. Look at Pawlecki, and Boyd two years ago in Savannah. They were both hitting near .400 and they still had to wait until the all star break before being promoted.

eraff said...

Value is Value... use it---trade it.... you Trash it by letting it rot and waste.

Delay is TOTALLY and ONLY at the final promotional level---and that delay never lasts very long.

Charles---they don't keep a player 1-2 levels down.

Mack Ade said...

raff - s0 will he

Mack Ade said...

it;s too early to firm up

if Murph goes on DL, Flores remains on SS and 2B will be a fight over Muvo, Herrera, and,Tejada

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