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Comment From Bryan
Given who is in the rotation, how much of a negative will the Murphy-Flores middle infield be for the Mets?
Dan Szymborski: It’s certainly not a plus. Probably 15 runs worse than average, but there’s a big error bar there

We don't have much visual presence during spring training, but, by all reports, Flores is having an especially shaky time in the infield. He has had a couple of really decent plays, but, in the case of his ability to play shortstop, it is what it is. The only way this experiment truly works is with his bat.

Additional base runners are going to be created by both these guys and some of them are going to turn into runs. There's nothing you or I can do about this.

What the Mets pitching staff can do is minimize what else goes on out there. I've talked about this in the recent past. Great pitchers have the ability to create more routine ground balls in the field rather than rocket like shots at both the shortstop and/or second baseman. 

Lastly, Flores and Murphy should easily combine for more runs batted in and scored than ones they create for the 'other team' in the field because of one of their errors. 

Flores actually has the potential of someday leading this team in runs batted in, depending upon where he is allowed to bat in the Mets lineup. He's always been an RBI machine throughout his career.


Reese Kaplan said...

The team doesn't score runs. Suck it up and let Flores play. Let's assume for a moment he gives up an error every other game -- 81 on the year -- worst shortstop in the history of the game. How many of those errors (what percentage) would result in runs scoring? Then take that number and subtract it from the RBIs the man provides and see if the total exceeds what you would get from Ruben Tejada. Sign me up for Flores.

Charles said...

I like that thought Reece. And I do prefer Flores to Tejada. However, it's not cut and dry either.

Look, Tejada isn't Ozzie Smith in the field or at bat. He isn't a defensive wizard out there so it's not as if the Mets are putting the Lagaras of SS on the bench to take a chance with Flores.

Tejada could easily have 10-15 errors himself over a whole season. It's Tejada's range more than anything that Flores lacks, but Tejada's bat has been so bad that I think Sandy can't stomach putting him out there anymore.

He'll be used late in games, especially close ones, for his glove to help preserve a lead and that's fine. He had his chance a blew it. Now it's Flores' turn and until we all see how it plays out, there's no changing that.

The Wilpon's simply don't have the money to put a better SS on the field. If they signed Cano last year, you could've traded Murphy and put Tejada at SS. Instead, they are paying the bare minimum to a guy playing out of position and fortunately, he has a high ceiling in his bat.

Until the Wilpon's pay off their debt, this will be life in Flushing. I'm not convinced for one second that when it comes time to start paying these young pitchers, the money will be there. They'll be an excuse and a trade and the team will keep restocking the system.

Classic Rays baseball!

eraff said...

Flores/Murphy have defensive limitations beyond errors. Range and Playmaking itself will lead to extra outs and runs...there's no debate to that, or the fact that thgey'll need to outhit their difficiencies----and their errors.

It remains to be seen whether the combinations of shaky defensive players can find a way to add up to more of their parts....or less!

Will the difficiencies merely ADD up...or will they MULTIPLY???

Duda-Murph--Flores..... d'Arnaud...Cuddy... hopefully they can HELP each other--a combination of weaknesses can combine to a very large factor.

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