The Morning Report 3.17.2015 | Thor and Matz's Chance, Wheeler's Actual Replacement, Don't Overlook Gee


Kristie Ackert | NY Daily NewsWith the news Monday that Zack Wheeler is likely out for the season, Syndergaard moved up on the depth chart. While Mets manager Terry Collins said bluntly Monday that Dillon Gee will slide into the open rotation spot, there is clearly a chance for Syndergaard and/or lefty Steven Matz to force their way into the major leagues this season.“Right now, we came into spring training with a number of guys that gave us some real security with starters and all of a sudden now we’re getting a little thin,” Collins said.

(Chris Soto: From what I have seen so far in Syndergaard's 3 Spring Training starts, there is no doubt in my mind that his pure stuff is ready for the MLB right now. However, his "presence" on the mound is not. So far we have seen Thor be lights out when the bases are empty but as soon as there are runners on base, his tempo slows down, he commits to his fastball too much, and rather than trusting his stuff he tries to spot the ball. He needs more time with Frankie V. down in AAA to correct this problem before he comes to the MLB full time.)

Marc Carig | Newsday- But manager Terry Collins threw his support behind Dillon Gee, the odd man out who now appears to be the front-runner for the last of five rotation spots. "I would say it's Dillon Gee's job right now. I think they've got to pitch their way up," Collins said of the Mets' young arms. "But I think those decisions will be made later in spring."

(Chris Soto: He's right. Based on the information that is coming out of camp, the Mets knew "something" was wrong with Wheeler's elbow for at least 6 months, but 3 separate doctors and 3 separate MRI machines couldn't figure out. This is probably why they did not trade Gee, instead, they held onto him as an insurance policy in case something were to happen and guess what? Something did. While an injury like this certainly sucks, it's not devastating for the Mets. For the 1st time in a while, the club has the depth to absorb a loss like this and keep chugging along like nothing happened.)


Christina Montana | Shea Dugout- ...With the amount of time the results took and Terry Collins’ dismissing the constant MRIs, you have ample ammo for Mets fans to spiral into a craze of rumors, expletives, and calling this injury a “reason for the Mets to tank.” That’s not the case. This...is exactly the point everyone is ignoring in their state of shock and the overwhelming pessimism that has swallowed the fan base today. The Mets have good pitching. Dillon Gee is a wholly capable pitcher. Don’t forget, Mets fans loved him when he won eight straight upon promotion to the Majors in 2011. Dillon Gee can start, and can succeed, and pitch deep enough into games to be serviceable.

(Chris Soto: Christina is right. Look....Gee is no Zack Wheeler....we know that. However, Dillon Gee is a capable #5 MLB SP who can slot in at the back of the rotation and give you consistent innings while keeping your team in games. With the improved offense the Mets have shown so far, if the healthy 2013 version of Gee appears, he may net 13-15 wins this season. That's pretty much what we were expecting from Wheeler, right?)


Thomas Brennan said...

I would not be surprised to see Thor and Matz fully ripened and called up in June. Mid-June is what, 13 turns thru the rotation. Someone else may be underperforming or hurting, so the 2 fireballers are closer to the doorstep.

The offense has to step up vs. 2014 and do their fair share, in a season of hope and change. Another 120 runs or so would do the trick.

Get the surgery quick, Zach, so we can have you ready for the entire 2016 season.

Mazzoni has been disappointing so far. After a while, a fan gets tired of rooting for a guy like that. Time to break out in 2015.

Reese Kaplan said...

Mazzoni is Dillon Gee, a not quite top prospect whose ceiling is a back end starter.

Rafael Montero has the potential to be a frontline starter.

The decision should be made on talent, not paycheck.

Christopher Soto said...


I think you are far too high on Montero.

IMO he is no better than a #4. He doesn't possess the premium stuff needed to be more than that.

Reese Kaplan said...

High control pitchers usually do well in the majors. We'll see IF he gets the chance.

Hobie said...

Montero is the 6th starter at the outset of 2015 IMO.

The question(s) is (are):
Prepare as a starter in LV (I think so), or
BP in Queens until Parnell is ready (better for the big club early).

Mack Ade said...

If MOntero is returned to Vegas, he will join Syndergaard and Matz in the rotation... but the Mets will still have to choose two more starters between Gabriel Ynoa
Rainy Lara
Darin Gorski
Matt Bowman
Corey Mazzoni
Tyler Pill

And... Binghamton stacks up as:

Matthew Koch
Kevin McGowan
Domingo Tapia
Luis Cessa
Michael Fulmer
Luis Mateo

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