The Morning Report 3.23.2015 | Harvey is Ready, Wright is Healthy, and Matz is on the cusp, Opening Day Starter also Announced.


John Delcos | New York Mets ReportIt was encouraging for us and the Mets to watch Matt Harvey mow down the Yankees this afternoon. It is cliché to say it was effortless, but it definitely looked as if he could go longer than the 5.2 innings he cruised through on 60 pitches.“That was a test, and obviously the workload was increasing,’’ Harvey told reporters. “I felt pretty good into the sixth inning and was commanding pretty much everything.’’Harvey definitely looks ready for the season, and in normal springs would be the Opening Day starter.

(Chris Soto: Harvey was ridiculously good yesterday and it honestly looks like he isn't even giving 100% effort yet. For someone who has shown that he can top out at 98-99 mph, to be sitting at 94-95 mph and still have his way with professional hitters is just maddening. Can you imagine how he's gonna look once the season starts. He may even challenge Kershaw for the CY Young throne this year.)

Peter Kerasotis | New York Times- After going 10-9 last year between Class A Port St. Lucie and Class AA Binghamton, Matz was named the organization’s pitcher of the year, a signal that he had moved ahead of another top Mets prospect, Noah Syndegaard. Mets GM Sandy Alderson said of Matz, “He’s been outstanding. He hasn’t done anything in this camp to undermine the impression he’s made the last couple of years. It’s only reinforced the general impression.” Dan Warthen, the pitching coach [added], “I would not be surprised if sometime this year we see Steven Matz”

(Chris Soto: The Matz hype train continues on and quite frankly, it is well deserved. While fans do not generally realize it....Scouts know that a lefty who throws 95-97mph is unbelievably rare to find. We have been so accustomed to seeing 95+ on a regular basis that we fail to recognize that all those guys are right handed. In fact, no left handed pitchers averaged over a 95 mph fastball last season. The hardest throwing lefty was actually David Price who averaged 93.3 mph on his fastball.)


Adam Rubin | ESPN New York-  The Mets plan to announce their full rotation on Monday. However, sources told ESPN.com that Colon will start on April 6 against the Nats. After a day off, deGrom will start on April 8. Matt Harvey will make his first regular-season start since Tommy John surgery the following day. As a result, deGrom will draw the April 13 home opener against the Philadelphia Phillies, with Harvey starting the following day.

(Chris Soto: Colon starting on Opening Day makes all the sense in the world. It would put him in line to pitch twice on the road leaving fans to enjoy back to back starts of Harvey and deGrom to start the Citi Field home schedule. That said, having deGrom get the home opener with Harvey slated the day after is a complete marketing ploy. Opening Day is going to sell-out regardless of who's pitching, whereas, the day after generally lacks significant attendance.  However, Harvey is a fan drawing presence. He alone can bring in an additional 10,000 fans to a game and the Mets seem like they are going to utilize that ability.)

Marc Carig | Newsday- Wright hit an opposite-field homer off CC Sabathia and made a diving play at third. Both appeared impossible last season because of the bad shoulder. "It just shows us that David Wright's back," Mets manager Terry Collins said. "One of my strengths is hitting the ball the other way," Wright said. "So it's good that you get a pitch you can hit the other way and you hit it hard the other way, especially against an elite starting pitcher."

(Chris Soto: I continue to say this everytime a writer brings up Wright's health. This team's ability to score runs and compete for a playoff spot hinges on David Wright being himself again. So far, he is showing to be 100% healthy. 3B is such a weak position around the majors right now that even a .280, 20 HR, 80 RBI season from Wright would be worth almost 5 wins above the average MLB 3B. That is a huge advantage that the Mets will need to leverage in order to have a successful season.)


Mack Ade said...

It seems to me that the first three starters (Harvey, deGrom, and Niese) are in place for a good start this season.

I expect Gee to be named to the 5th slot and I still hope that Montero sticks as the 5th RHRP in the pen... but, all bets are off when Parnell comes back if they carry two lefties

eraff said...

Predicting Starters is also about predicting Sandy's Choices and his reasoning.

Gee, as a potential trade chip, adds value as a competent and healthy Starting Pitcher..... I believe that weighs heavily--- doesn't need my agreement.

Thomas Brennan said...

The great thing about Matz is he is far more than a flamethrower - he has great stuff otherwise, and is also a bulldog. Can't wait.

Talking up Harvey like that - justifiably - and deGrom is just as good. Other teams have to be concerned. Their batting averages will take a beating.

David, it is the spring - don't dive please. Save it for the season - and use it sparingly then. We'd love to see you healthy for 150 starts. And the playoffs.

Hobie said...

Not bothered one wit about a "marketing ploy."

Reese Kaplan said...

It is also a marketing ploy to give Dillon Gee the 5th starter position to make him more desirable as trade bait later in the season.

Dallas said...

I consider Harvey/DeGrom equals at the moment. Harvey has the bigger personality but I think both are similar numbers wise through the same number of starts. I think both could easily be in the top 5 pitchers in the league.

Colon however is not the guy I want to take a half day of work off to see pitch when the season begins. I feel its like giving up an incremental win to start your worst starter first going against the other teams best pitcher. These small things add up over the year. Playing the lesser player because they are a veteran or because they are owed a bunch of money or whatever inane reason Collins (or Alderson) may come up with adds up to losing several wins over the course of the year. Maybe I'm being a curmudgeon but I just don't want to see our worst starting pitcher (and below league average) to start the season. Hopefully he regales us with one of his decent starts on the opener or the offense bails him out.

Mack Ade said...

Dallas -

Colon is like my SP5 who only gets the opening day nod because the first 4 dates rained out and the Mets brass wanted to keep the rotation mentally rotating

3-7, 5.00 by ALS - DFA'd for Thor or Matz

Steve from Norfolk said...

Remember, Colon was the team wins leader last year. He should get something for that. I think DeGrom earned the home opener with the ROY trophy. But, he should do better after Harvey. Harvey throws harder, but deGrom has a little better stuff. They're going to be like Gooden and Seaver as your 1 - 2 in the rotation. You don't really know which one should be your @1, so you have to flip a coin.

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