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I was talking to Gary McDonald (Metsmusings) earlier this week and he asked me what I thought was some of the important things the Mets front office need to do regarding the future of this team. I told him, in my opinion, the answer was pretty simply… start signing some long term contract extensions with some of the current young talent before they are lost in the post-arbitration free agency process.
Well, maybe the rumors about Lucas Duda and a deal well into his thirties seems like the correct thing to do. I have no problem turning over first base to him for the next six or seven years.

Who else should be considered?

Well, Duda is scheduled for free agency in 2018. So is Ruben Tejada, but I don’t expect the Mets offering an extension to him.

Six players are scheduled to become eligible for free agency in 2019… Jenrry Mejia, Carlos Torres, Matt Harvey, Anthony Recker, Jeurys Familia, and Josh Edgin.
Me? Well, I would be offering Scott Boras and Harvey a salmon dinner every night of the week until a deal would be made through the 2022 season. You have to get this guy under contract and prevent any chance of him winding up in the Bronx. You just have to.

I would also alert agents for both Mejia and Familia that their performance in 2015 could turn out be very rewarding for their clients. No rush on these two. Just get the word out there.


Thomas Brennan said...

Good thinking on extensions, Mack. Harvey on the Yanks? Perish the thought - sign him longer term if he stays healthy for a while.

The only one who does not need an extension is Jake deGrom - he's got enough hair already!

Mets will have to be very skilled at this contract extension business, not too cheap and blow it.

Reese Kaplan said...

Extensions don't necessarily mean forever...remember Jose Reyes?

Ernest Dove said...

I assume Mets won't really commit to anyone for 6-7yr deals, but I'd be happy with a 3-5yr extension for Duda.
All they got on farm at first is a teenager. And if he decides to hit 20homers in st lucie in 2015, the mets can worry about that (good) problem way out in 2017-18.

James Preller said...

Lagares is a guy I'd be looking at.

I don't think Harvey/Boras would be at all interested in an extension. I think they want to break the bank. At some point, the issue isn't going to be whether to extend Matt, but if they should trade or not, and when. Will the Mets be willing to go 8/$240 with Matt? Kershaw signed 7/$215 with an opt-out after 5 years. Would it even be wise?

A Duda extension seems fine -- just not a no-trade clause, not too long, and not ridiculously backloaded. I'm ambivalent, actually.

Robb said...

Legares and degrom would be next for me. Degrom similar to the Derek Holland extension. and Legares Merte's extension though for 5 years.

The goal should be to get financial stability, buy out 1 year of free agency and then get an option year after that.

so Duda: 3 year deal 7, 9, 12 (first year A) plus two option years 2.5, 4. 3 years 30.5 (option 1: 2.5 buy out 14 mm, option 2 4mm buy out 16 mm) total value of 5 years 60 mm

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