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Comment From Eric Weinstein
What percentage of the blame for how the Mets are run would you attribute to Alderson vs. the Wilpons?
Dan Szymborski: Hard to say exactly. More Wilpons, but the fact is, Alderson retains some responsibility for moves that are made
Dan Szymborski: Let’s say Alderson doesn’t make *any* of the moves. He would still bear *some* responsibility for moves made in his name

We've posted about this recently.

It's very hard to analyze the 'deals that Alderson has made because we have no idea what are the ones he said no to.

The Wilpons, and how they have operated the team since the Madoff scandal, is a lot easier to figure out. It's all about the numbers here and, frankly, Saul Katz has pretty much been pulling those strings. Katz and Wilpon give Alderson a budget and stand back, waiting for a miracle.

Let's look past the R.A. Dickey deal.

Alderson made only seven other trades in his firs two years with the Mets. Beyond that, through today, trading seems to be something he likes to do on a minor league level. Now, in his defense, the Mets haven't been that deep in talent to pull off a blockbuster deal, but he has had the pitching prospects to do more that he has done.

October 29, 2010Named Sandy Alderson general manager.

Michael Antonini for Chin-lung Hu
Eddie Kunz for Allan Dykstra
Francisco Rodriguez and cash for Adrian Rosario and Danny Herrera
Carlos Beltran and cash for Zack Wheeler
Angel Pagan for Ramon Ramirez and Andres Torres
Omar Quintanilla for future considerations
Pedro Beato for Kelly Shoppach

From there...

2012-2015:    Traded LHP Kyle Lobstein to Detroit for cash.
              Claimed C Anthony Recker off waivers from Chicago (NL).
              Claimed RHP Chris Schwinden off waivers from the New York Yankees and optioned him to Buffalo (IL).
              Claimed RHP Ryan Reid off waivers from Pittsburgh.
              Traded RHP Seth Rosin to the Los Angeles Dodgers for cash considerations.
              Signed 1B Brandon Allen to a minor league contract.
              signed RHP Joel Carreno and INF/OF Anthony Seratelli to minor league contracts.
              Acquired 2B Dilson Herrera and a player to be named from Pittsburgh Pirates for C John Buck, OF Marlon Byrd and cash
              Traded RHP Collin McHugh to Colorado for OF Eric Young Jr.
              Traded RHP Gonzalez Germen to the N.Y. Yankees for cash considerations.
              Acquired LHP Blake Taylor from Pittsburgh to complete an earlier trade, and assigned him to the GCL Mets.


Charles said...

I personally think Alderson would have this team ahead of the Nationals if he was able to operate this team at a payroll of just 125-130 million.

This guy likes big time power hitters. He wanted Cano. He's been forced to settle for the second tier type of player- like Granderson. Payroll is set by ownership and the Mets ownership don't have the funds to properly fund the team.

A 130 million dollar payroll in NY isn't a gigantic amount of money. Unfortunately, the Mets' ownership have funneled all of the revenues into paying off their debt. It has simply taken a once big market team and turned them into the Pirates.

That's okay if you have a smart FO, but sustaining success without money will be hard once their young players get expensive. Nobody has a top farm system forever. Eventually they'll be more rebuilds.

Mack Ade said...

The Mets are a better team/organization under Alderson, but it amazes me how everyone accepts how long it is taking to build a team that can make the playoffs.

I read somewhere that not one of Alderson's draft picks have made it to the major league level.

Is that true?

bob gregory said...

Not all fans are accepting of these past few years.
However, when discontent with how long it is taking is brought up here, it is met with either
1) the financial excuse
2) the discontent fan being told they are trolling, being ridiculous, lacking baseball knowledge because they are missing how wonderful the minor league has improved and the major league team's future has brightened, or just being branded an unhappy sort who might be happier going elsewhere.

Charles said...

I don't think any one who comments here at Mack's Mets has ever been treated that way Bob.

I understand why the rebuild took this long, and I've said numerous times that I don't like their financial support from ownership.

I don't remember once being called a troll or told to find another site because of anything I've written. Maybe I'm not understanding your comment, but this site doesn't have any extremely nasty people jumping down anyone's throat for their opinions.

Charles said...

Actually Mack, I think it is true that there hasn't been any of Sandy's draft picks reach the majors.

But this year, Nimmo, Pawlecki, Reynolds, Mazzoni, Bowman, and Leathersich all have a good shot to be on the team by December. The flood gates are opening...

bob gregory said...

Sadly to say Charles,
It has happened here.

bob gregory said...

It's all good.
No hard feelings or reason to pout.
Doesn't change the fact that there are wonderful members of the Mack's Mets community.

And ..... an optimistic season about to begin.
Go Mets.

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