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Working out a deal with Baltimore for the services of LHRP Brian Matusz seems like the right thing to do at this point in camp.

He’s only being paid $3.2 million in his third year of arbitration. The 27-year old was 2-3, 3.48, in 63 appearances, for the Orioles last year.

The Mets are interested, but only if Baltimore eats some of the money. I sometimes shake my head at the audacity of things like this. The guy is a proven lefty out of the pen, is having a killer spring (four scoreless innings earlier this week), and you have absolutely bupkis coming out of pen that throws with their left hand.

I’m a big fan of Sandy Alderson but sometimes he has to realize that you must overpay sometimes when you’re behind the eight ball.

I’m not that sure if Matusz is available, but, if he is, this would be a no brainer for me.


Rene Riquelme said...

I agree he looks like a perfect fit for us.This is not a time to get cheap.He would be a solid addition in an area of glaring need.

bob gregory said...

Lefties with multiple year contracts are a hazard risk under Collins.

If the work load can not be spread out between two lefties, the single lefty will be over-used.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

This guy is a real time major league pitcher, not some experimental minor leaguer with a bloated spring ERA.

I would love to have him for two years on Mets (which, my guess, will be one less year that TC is with the team).

Charles said...

What would you give up for him Mack?

Is he worth a top 10-15 prospect? Worth more? Less?

Because the mets really do need him, I'd trade a good prospect for him. Someone like Gabriel Ynoa. Maybe Matt Bowman.

Reese Kaplan said...

I sent a draft of an article on this subject with a proposed trade to obtain Matusz...feel free to run it sooner if you deem appropriate.

bob gregory said...

Don't get me wrong, I support acquiring Matusz. The contract doesn't bother me (not my money).

Knowing Collins though, I would hope their is a second lefty in the pen or someone controls Collins to prevent him from over-using/abusing Matusz

Thomas Brennan said...

Leathersich 6th straight scorless outing, with 1 hit and no walks. Still, Matusz makes sense in a pennant race year. Sandy should pay as little as possible...but get him.

Mashing Danny Muno single, homer, 3 RBI, walk. Anyone know anything about this guy? :)

Mack Ade said...

Charles -

I would offer either Danny Muno or Matt Reynolds + half the existing contract... and wait for their counter offer

Anonymous said...

We don't know what the Orioles are asking for him. The Mets asking them to pay part of his salary may be based on that. Maybe Alserson is saying"if you want prospect A, pay half his salary, but if you'll take prospect B then we'll pay all of it".

eraff said...

There's so much "vapor" to this story. Is Matusz even available? He's such a hot catch that the Mets absolutely need him to be a contender---but Baltimore doesn't? Baltimore traded a top prospect last year for Andrew Miller when they already had Matusz?

IDK.... who the heck trades a 28 yr. old MLB LH Pitcher with a live arm for.....Danny Muno????...Matt Bowman???? c'mon!

Charles said...

Depends on what you think of Bowman. I think he's a legit sp4/5 on a contender at some point. To me, that's enough of a ceiling for a ML lefty reliever.

Anonymous said...

Word is teams are looking at him as a starter and the O's are stretching him out. If so, it's likely he goes elsewhere. Which is a shame, as I've wanted him on the Mets for a few years now (as a starter previously, but now for the bullpen).

eraff said...

He certainly looks like a possible starter to me.... good call. He is an MLB Lefty, fairly young, with a Live arm--- that get's you more than Danny Muno or Matt Bowman.

This is not a Match for the Mets---the prospect coat would be high, and the MLB player you'd trade (Murphy?) is a guy you're using to compete....unless you love the 2nd basemen behind him as NOW players.....and I don't think the O's are looking for Murphy.

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