The Morning Report 3.30.2015 | Extension Talks for Duda, The Fight Continues for #5 SP Role, Opening Day Starting 2B


Matt Ehalt | North Jersey- After setting career highs in homers and RBI, Duda is being counted on to be a key cog in the lineup. He said his talks regarding an extension have been "preliminary" and "hopefully" it works out. "New York gave me the shot to play in the big leagues. It’s definitely a first-class organization," Duda said after Sunday’s 3-2 win over St. Louis. "Unbelievable players, unbelievable staff. I’m blessed to be in the position I am. I’m very thankful."

(Chris Soto: Hey....why not? As long as the extension is no longer than say 3 additional years...I'm all for it. Nothing in Duda's numbers last season suggest regression and with power being at such a premium in this era of baseball, when you have it, you need to hold onto it as best as you can.)

David Lennon | Newsday- Gee returned to a starting role when Zack Wheeler was lost to Tommy John surgery, with the assumption that he would take over the fifth spot once the regular season began. But after Sunday's seven-inning start, Gee said the Mets still have not told him of their plans. Manager Terry Collins suggested that Rafael Montero, who will start Monday against the Marlins, still is in contention for the spot. "We're going to wait a while," Collins said.

(Chris Soto: As it should be. Gee has pitched well since the Zack Wheeler injury, however, for every good start he has had....Montero has matched it. Quite honestly, I would not be surprised if the club is secretly showcasing Gee for a potential trade for an established left handed reliever. It's been rumored that the club is still interested in LHRP Rex Brothers and after the Rockies released Jhoulys Chacin, there seems to be a rotation spot to fill over there.)

Anthony DiComo | MLB.com- With each passing day, it appears less and less likely that Murphy will heal in time for Opening Day, meaning the Mets must choose amongst Reynolds, Danny Muno or Ruben Tejada at second base. A week shy of Opening Day, Reynolds' track record gives him the apparent edge. "It definitely sets in a little bit, but nothing changes how I go about my business," he said. "I feel like I've been working really hard this camp. I came in working hard. It doesn't change just because I suddenly get thrown into the mix."

(Chris Soto: Quite frankly, as much as I would like to see Reynolds make the team.....Ruben Tejada has had an excellent Spring Training both offensively and defensively from a versatility standpoint. I haven't seen him hit this well since his breakout 2012 season. So far he's hitting .260 with a .721 OPS thanks to 7 doubles and 11 RBIs in 17 games. In comparison though, Muno is hitting .381 with a .971 OPS in 21 games and Reynolds is even better with a .381 AVG and a .995 OPS in 19 games.)


Thomas Brennan said...

Duda is hitting lefties. His achilles heel of 2014 seems to be healed. He should get an extension.

Tejada, or Reynolds, or Muno? Nice to have good choices.

Anonymous said...

Couple of things:

* Any other GM, I'd think he was laying the groundwork for a trade. It could also be Montero who is being shopped. But this is Sandy Alderson and he is notoriously inactive. My read is that he wants that #6 arm on the ML roster and available -- does not want to touch Matz or Syndergaard until Super 2. I think he stands pat and picks up a cheap LH reliever on a minor league deal.

* Far too early to declare Duda healed against LHP. But nice to see he had a good day or two.

* Reynolds is ahead of Muno in every way except one: I think the Mets would prefer not to sit Reynolds; they want him to play; whereas with Muno, his best projection is a guy on the bench and his arb clock is meaningless. I'm saying: Because he's perceived as worse, he might get the nod over Reynolds. And at this point, I couldn't blame Ruben Tejada is he was confused. Again, if there was another GM at work here, I'd think he might be considering a trade. But we all know Sandy.

James Preller

Reese Kaplan said...

I opined a week or so ago that Tejada should be the centerpiece of a trade for Brian Matusz. Only the Mets would look at a guy who hasn't hit since 2012 and say, "Yup, his .260 this spring is indicative of great things to come." Then you have a couple of guys coming off seasons in the minors in which they hit and didn't stop hitting in the Spring but they are ticketed to AAA if not for Murphy's injury.

Anyone want to take my nickel bet that Tejada is starting at 2B on Opening Day?

Anonymous said...

I think Tejada is a very good backup middle infielder and a plus defender, which is lacking on the club. The glove has value.

That said: Sandy has got to start managing the pipeline. It's clogged; somebody's been flushing tampons down the drain.

James Preller

Steve from Norfolk said...


If Terry has anything to say about it, he'll start. I can see Reynolds and Muno getting the Niewenhuis/Den Dekker treatment, wasting their best years in AAA.

Dallas said...

Off topic, I was sorting Spring Stats to look at various leaders and everyones favorite player (especially Mack) Valdespin showed up and is having quite the fantastic Spring. Be interesting to see if he enjoys success at the MLB level against us for years to come. He is still very young and obviously had the raw talent for Sandy to put him on the team a few years ago. Just a random thought.

Mack Ade said...

I wouldn't put too much emphasis on who starts at second on opening day.

It's a temporary player change until Murphy gets back and, eventually, turns it over next to Herrera.

Robb said...

Mack's right. It will also probably be tejada/muno. Reynolds goes to AAA to play shortstop w herrera at 2b. Muno is a utility player, so they wont be concerned with starting his arbitration clock or losing him through waivers eventually. sometimes its math. business math.

i always find it funny how newspaper guys write about a rookie SP should get the call out of spring training but they forget about the 30 inning jump that organizations adhere to primarily. if the guy only threw 130 innings last year, he shouldnt be on the roster day one, as they'll only allow him 160 innings. common sense. same thing with players and arbitration/service time/control just sayin.

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