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The loss of pitcher Zack Wheeler  for the 2015 season is a big one, but it comes at a position where this team has considerable depth and talent. Any attempt to reach the playoffs should not be erased because Wheeler went under the knife.

 That being said, the Mets could never afford to lose their one true star, David Wright, and get into a playoff game.

Sandy Alderson would be the first one to tell you (and he does in the book 'Baseball Maverick') that, due to financial restrictions since taking over the team in 2011, he could only go after, and sign, 'mid-level talented players'. There's not too much you can do if you inherit a team that just lost $70 million dollars the year before and your owners are telling you to lower your overall payroll to the $80-90 million range.

Curtis Granderson, Michael Cuddyer, Travis d'Arnaud, Bartolo Colon, and John Mayberry Jr. are all good example of quality mid-range players.

Add them to what's coming out of the system (Lucas Duda, Matt Harvey, Wilmer Flores, Jacob deGrom, Jeurys Famila, Jennry Mejia, Juan Lagares) and you have the beginnings on a very talented, young team.

But it's Wright that is the one true all-star everyday player and, until others this talented are added to the mix, everything will be dependent upon the return of Wright to the levels he has produced in the past.

I happen to think 2015 will be a great year for Wright, but I fear he's running out of them. He's 32 years old now and not the baby faced rookie we all thought would never get old. 

Enjoy the power bursts.


Thomas Brennan said...

Wright being right is essential, but the way Grandy is hitting this spring, I am optimistic about him for the first time since he was signed. Maybe they both have All Star caliber years.

But wouldn't it be something if at the same time they do that, Juan Lagares becomes possibly the best offensive player on the team. Maybe that is a pipe dream, but I just wonder...

Ernest Dove said...

Hey Thomas if deGrom can go from 'live arm' to top of rotation guy, then y cant Lagares go from fringe player/defensive specialist to SOLID major leaguer.
Y not .285 BA, 12 homers and 35 SBs ? And another gold glove.

Thomas Brennan said...

I am with you, Ernest. I'd tweak him up to maybe .295 and 15, 25 on steals. He may do even better.

We'd both be smiling.

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