KATOH - Ranking of Farm Systems


Below, you’ll find the organizational farm system rankings according to KATOH.

TeamSum of WAR thru 28
Texas Rangers101.0
New York Yankees89.2
New York Mets88.2
Chicago Cubs83.9
Los Angeles Dodgers80.4
Houston Astros63.8
Boston Red Sox62.4
Pittsburgh Pirates55.9
Arizona Diamondbacks50.9
Tampa Bay Rays49.6
Kansas City Royals47.8
Seattle Mariners46.3
Atlanta Braves46.0
St. Louis Cardinals45.2
Cleveland Indians38.3
Detroit Tigers37.4
Toronto Blue Jays37.3
Minnesota Twins36.8
Chicago White Sox36.3
Oakland Athletics33.6
Baltimore Orioles33.4
Washington Nationals33.4
Colorado Rockies33.0
Philadelphia Phillies32.9
San Francisco Giants32.7
San Diego Padres30.1
Cincinnati Reds28.2
Milwaukee Brewers20.9
Los Aneles Angels of Anahiem17.2
Miami Marlins16.6

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Mack - This is pretty damn impressive. When was the last time we saw the Mets ranked number one in anything?

I give Sandy Alderson most of the credit here because most of Omar Minaya's 'prospects' have graduated and also Alderson hasn't traded any of the good ones away. Bad for today, great for future years.


Thomas Brennan said...

Yanks farm better than Mets? Another cockeyed analyst.

Steve from Norfolk said...

What the heck is KATOH, anyhow? Somebody's sabermetrics analysis computer program? Any analysis program has the programmer's prejudices built in to it. It's unavoidable.

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