INJURED - SS - Wilmer Flores


The Mets scheduled starting shortstop, Wilmer Flores, was placed in a walking boot and sent for xrays after fouling off a ball into his ankle.

He reported to Mets reporters that he's in "a lot of pain".

Mack - if he and Daniel Murphy start the year on the DL, both Danny Muno and Matt Reynolds could find themselves in the opening day lineup.


Reese Kaplan said...

They could find their way onto the roster but Ruben Tejada would surely get one of the starting spots. After all, he's proven. :)

Steve from Norfolk said...
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Steve from Norfolk said...

Then, this could be Matt's big chance. It seems to be the year of Reynolds. If he does crack the lineup, he should start at Tejada was always better at 2B, and Matt seems to play a steadier SS than Ruben. My personal choice would be Muno at 2B, Reymolds at SS, and leave Tejada as the sub infielder. I think if Terry starts Tejada and he flops, it would be bye-bye for Terry.

Mack Ade said...

If you read 'Baseball Maverick' you would never think again that Tejada will be a starter on the Mets

Hobie said...

Herrera & Tovar on on the 40. Muno & Reynolds are not. Unless it's long term, that's what the "inactive" folk are for.

Hurry back Gan & Wilmer.

Richard Jones said...

My comment has nothing to do with Flores.
I'm watching a replay of the game on the MLB network. The Flores injury just happened.
I'm very impressed with Harvey. I seen him with better stuff and I know he has had better stuff this spring.
I'm impressed with the tweaks he made to his delivery. No more jerk at the end of his delivery. He now has a great follow through. His arm has more time to de-accelerate. This is going to add life to his arm.
I used to coach 13 and 14 year olds. I was big on pitching mechanics. I would show them video of Ryan and Clemens. If I still coaching I would be able to add Harvey.

Thomas Brennan said...

Harvey and deGrom, and pray for rain. Two lethal dudes....season looks exciting. Especially if we remain in the Black with a healthy Vic. Parnell seems to strongly be hinting he could be ready very early in the season, so this pen can still be very strong.

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