Positional Ranking - SS


#17 Mets

Wilmer Flores  525.257.293.413.309-0.1-0.3-3.81.9
Ruben Tejada140.246.315.320.285-2.6-
Wilfredo Tovar35.239.287.307.266-1.1-
There’s considerable angst — publicly, at least, if not necessarily privately within the organization — regarding Wilmer Flores’ ability to play shortstop. The specifics of that angst vary, but most of the concerns are summarized by the footage below.

Flores Fall Down

What that is, is Wilmer Flores failing in a pretty spectacular way to convert a ground ball — a pretty routine ground ball, it appears — into an out. It’s rare to see shortstops flail about in this way. Locating similar footage of Andrelton Simmons, for example, would prove difficult.
On the other hand, Flores — according to the numbers — hasn’t been a disaster yet at shortstop. And the prospect of his offensive ability with even slightly below-average defense is inviting.

Mack - I'm sure Flores is sick of watching all this negative footage; however, so is the Mets brass as well as the fan base.

Frankly, I've always been critical of his SS play and have stated a number of times that he will never play the major leagues at short (due to his slowness and legs/feet issues). That being said, I'm pretty impressed with what he has done going into the regular season.

The bat was predicted but his defensive work has, overall , been a plus.

Baring injuries, he's got my vote for 2015. 


Thomas Brennan said...

One positive for SS: we won't have to worry about Quintanilla-quality guys filling in when there are injuries. I think SS is much stronger than 2013 or 2014.

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