Just something to chew on - the Mets' spring offense the past 3 years worked out pretty much as follows: 

.246 average, ,320 OB%, .372 slug %, 4.4 runs per game, 2.6 extra base hits per game. Paltry. 

This spring, so far: 

.291 average, .361 OB%, .487 slug %, 5.9 runs per game, 4.0 extra base hits per game. Muscular.  See Juggernaut above, and you'll get the idea.

Things are clearly looking up offensively.  Those who are Negative Nellies might say that some of the offense is unsustainable, that much of the surge this spring is from guys who may not make the team, etc.

I personally think it is a harbinger of a large increase in scoring for this team in 2015, of perhaps 100-150 runs over last year's 629.  Which means a lot more wins in 2015.  

The Juggernaut lives, and is coming soon to Queens.  Exciting.


Anonymous said...

And all of the above doesn't include today's barrage, but does include Duda's ineptitude until today's 3B and HR.

What's wrong with Familia,though?

Reese Kaplan said...

Travis d'Arnaud hasn't exactly been lighting it on fire either. Today's triple was more of a misplay.

Nice to see Monell get another dinger. Too bad Recker is the catching equivalent of Tejada -- one of the sons Terry never had (despite how badly he plays, he'll be there).

Thomas Brennan said...

Monell has swagger, does not look like a minor leaguer. I want Monell.

Duda needed some time, and has joined the party,

D'Arnuad will be partying soon too.

Supposedly Familia is working on a riser to go with sinker, and expects to up velocity soon. Let's hope so.

But oh my goodness, the hitting machine rolls on. Keep it up, boys.

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