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It’s hard not to get excited about the offensive output this spring by the Mets. It’s also hard to take it serious.

Four possible 25-man players have 30+ at bats and are hitting over .400 (Curtis Granderson: .452, John Mayberry Jr. .452, Kirk Nieuwenhuis .421, Danny Muno .400).

Six more are hitting .300 or better (Matt Reynolds .379, Juan Lagares .375, Johnny Monell .367, Michael Cuddyer .353, Wilmer Flores .342, David Wright .300).
Power wise, Cuddyer leads the team with five home runs in 34 at-bats. Seven of the above players have a 1000+ OPS while Cuddyer leads the team with a slugging percentage of .882.

No one expects this to be maintained through the regular season; however, no one also expected that Travis d’Arnaud, Daniel Murphy, and Lucas Duda would combine for only 14 hits in 71 at-bats.

The real pleasant surprise here has been Granderson, who seems to have relaxed ever since his old Yankees batting coach, Kevin Long, joined the mix. The Cuddyer influx of home runs outside of Colorado and the steady offense from Mayberry makes both off-season acquisitions look like sound ones.

It’s going to be extremely hard to send any of these back to the minors after such a wonderful spring.


Thomas Brennan said...

Coming in to today's game, hitting .297 as a team in 21 games, 6 runs per game, best on base % of all 30 teams. That is a great sign for future.

P.S. Wright 2 run shot in 3rd, up 3-0 in bottom 3 today. The Juggernaut continues to roll. Opposing pitchers are having sleepless nights.

Beats talking about why the team can't hit and score.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Mack, is that a picture of Lucas Duda before he worked out with Barwis :)

TP said...

Hey Mack,
Yeah, it's nice to see the bats thumping, but it means nothing more than the hitters are physically healthy at this juncture. That is good, but the stats mean nothing and are no reflection on what will happen when the games count.

Thomas Brennan said...

Duda is 4 for 27 with half his at bats ending in strikeout. Time to start getting untracked.

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