The Morning Report 3.24.2015 | LHRP Joe Beimel Released, Collins' Job Security, Muno Shines


(Chris Soto: With less than 2 weeks till opening day, your going to see a couple of guys become available over the next few day. LHP Joe Biemel was superb for the Seattle Mariners last season posting a 2.20 ERA while holding lefties to a .188 AVG, a .504 OPS, and a 20% K rate. He'll be 38 this year and he can probably be had for only a minor league contract.)

John Harper | New York Daily News- With Collins’ job very much on the line this season, there are subtle signs that this relationship could get testy, especially if the Mets start slowly.The manager has been more vocal than usual on a couple of key personnel matters to perhaps send a message that he should have a say...“It’s well-documented how Sandy feels about the GM-manager relationship," says a major league scout with past ties to Alderson. “The front office makes the decisions and the manager carries them out. The thing is, with those parameters, the higher the stakes the more potential there is for friction."

(Chris Soto: Terry needs to keep his mouth shut and follow orders. In his managerial career, he has shown no significant sustained success to warrant making calls on his own. He's no Tony La Russa, Bobby Cox, Terry Francona, or Joe Torre, he's a 748 W, 778 L losing coach with exactly 0 playoff appearances in his 10 years of managing. Do your job and let the front office handle the roster!)

Brian Devine | MetsMerized- prospect Daniel Muno is being considered to fill in for Murphy, and Muno has seized the most out of this potential opportunity. Muno has been blistering hot this spring, and he increased his Grapefruit league average yesterday to .400 with another excellent day the plate. Muno went 2-for-4 with a home run, a triple and three RBI in the Mets 12-3  victory over Miami. “He’s been made aware there’s some bench jobs out there,” manager Terry Collins said. “He’s looked very, very sharp so far.”

(Chris Soto: If you don't know who Daniel Muno is by now, check out our last prospect write-up on him here. Muno is what you would call a PERFECT fit for the Sandy Alderson system of hitting. His whole game is centered around probably one of the most advanced pair of eyes in professional baseball. Despite his average hovering around the .250 areas, his career BB rate is an astounding 15.2% and his career minor league OBP is .396. If he won the 2B job out of camp, he would instantly be the best option to hit lead-off for the club this year.)


eraff said...

I like the idea of Muno because he provides a LH alternative (Switch Hitter) as an IF spotter/platoon.

I have seen only bits and pices of him and Reynolds---must say, Reynolds is a physically impressive kid....won't hurt to put him as an ED SS at LV.

Expect to see Beimel get a look

Thomas Brennan said...

Chris, Danny Muno does have strong #'s as you note.

I am surprised by Danny Muno's play - because he seems to start seasons slowly, then play really well, better than his average stats indicate. So his hot start has to really have the front office's attention, as they know that attribute about Danny.

I'm still puzzled how a Wally Backman, switch hitter type like Muno could be limited to 435 plate appearances last year in AAA by that very same Wally Backman. For perspective, the league leader in plate appearances had 625, so Danny clocked 190 fewer. Missed at bats = missed time to grow.

A few differences - Muno is taller and heftier than the more diminutive Backman; Wally's career slug % is .339, Muno's is .419, a significant power differential.

Also, don't let Danny's relatively small appearance fool you...Backman had 10 HRs in 3700 career plate appearances, Danny 31 in 1615 plate appearances. Last year, 1 in every 31 plate appearances.

Backman's combined ratio of runs and RBIs (722) to plate appearances (3708)? 19.5%. Muno? 433 in 1615 appearances (26.8%). Significant.

Of course, Wally did his in the majors, Danny in the minors. But Danny has gotten no real credit over the years, but the numbers do speak - loudly.

Thomas Brennan said...

I agree on Matt Reynolds, Eraff. When he comes to the plate, he really looks like a ballplayer.

Charles said...

Reynolds reminds me of the type of player that the Cardinals always draft. Just good ballpalyers. Guys that aren't superstars but when you have 8 of them in the lineup, you're going to win 90 games.

Anonymous said...

Back in the real world, the Mets have Flores, Murphy, Reynolds and Tejada all ahead of Muno, who is suspect defensively and can't fill in at SS. Then there's Herrera, ripening on the vine, with Cecchini in AA.

If Muno could run and field, maybe. Not saying he's terrible. But where does he fit?

James Preller

Reese Kaplan said...

Muno did play over 20 games at SS last year. While he wouldn't be my first option to play there, in a pinch I doubt he'd be worse than Flores or Reynolds defensively.

Thomas Brennan said...

I'll add in terms of running that Muno has stolen 52 of 75 in the minors. Over 600 plate appearances, just for perspective (I don't see him ever getting that many in the bigs), that works out to 20 steals and 8 caught stealing. Similar to Murphy, so not shabby.

Ruben has stolen just 14 bases in almost 1800 plate appearances. I think Danny would be a better utility guy than Ruben, who has less power and speed, and less on base ability. Ruben's relatively high on base last year was because compared to the pitchers following him, he was Babe Ruth, so he got pitched around a lot.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Ruben Tejada, but he's a much better fielder than Muno, he's a year younger, and has nearly 2,000 MLB PAs compared to Muno's zippo.

Do the Mets really need another brick glove in the middle infield? Who hit .249 in 2013, and .259 in 2014?

This is the guy you want us to be excited about?

James Preller

eraff said...

Agreed James...Tejada is an actual MLB Middle Infielder.

Beyond Tulo, please (Everyone)....take a look at what SS hitting is c2015

Thomas Brennan said...

I look ar a Tejada and he's been playing professionally for an eternity. muno is still improving, and he has a knack for getting on. No hits today, but HBP and in 9th with 2 out walked the lead, tyyng runner into scoring position.

More to him than meets the eye. He may well go back to AAA, but if he does, I'd not be surprised if last year's .372 on base goes up to .450.

That said, Tejada, whom I and others on the site have flogged regularly, is putting up quite a fight to remain on this team.

And equaly validly,Muno has not a single official Major League AB to his credit. So he's proven little yet. The majors are a whole different ballgame.

After back-to-back bad years, Tejada is running out of chances, much like Ike did.

eraff said...

Here: 2015...MLB SS Hitting:

eraff said...

wow.. OUCH on that Link!

Joe Conforte said...

Mr. Prellier,

FYI Danny Muno has handled 30 chances this spring at 2B,SS and 3B No errors. I'm at spring training and two of the plays at third were as good as it gets with the broadcast team comparing him to Brooks (Robinson ) as he got a standing "O"! Additionally, he's a, legit 7 position utility guy, having played all 3 OF positions in college, give him a first baseman's glove and he won't let you down there either..... a switch hitter and an OBP off the charts.

A winning attitude that makes teammates better. MVP on a High School State Champion, The College World Series (376BA) and 4 College Conference Championships, The NY/Penn League batting Champion and League Championship, A Florida League Championship, The Eastern League Championship and the Pacific Coast League Championship. Just a coincidence ? I DON'T THINK SO !

Joe Conforte
The Voice of Reason

eraff said...

Are you an Uncle on the Bride's Side or the Groom's Side?

Thomas Brennan said...

I think what the Voice of Reason is trying to say about Danny Muno is:

M - magnificent
U - unbelievable
N - notable
O - outstanding

Ruben's had a good spring and proven mediocrity at the major league level.

Danny Muno has had a superb, if limited, spring due to Matt Reynolds deservedly getting so many at bats. But I think he will be a fine big league utility guy and possible solid starting player.

No need to trash either one at this point. Just enjoy what they're bringing.

Anonymous said...

I would never root against a guy like Muno. But the fact is that at this moment in time, the Mets have 5 players at AAA or higher that rate higher than Muno: Murphy, Flores, Reynolds, Herrara, and Tejada. We can push aside, for the moment, Mazzilli.

I just don't see how Muno gets through that obstacle course. If he had a plus glove, that would be something. But nothing I've read indicates it. Walking a lot is a great thing, but it's not maximized in the PH role.

I wish him luck.

James Preller

Joe Conforte said...


No just a guy who got interested after reading Tom's great research on this guy. so I did some on my own....Besides he's a Paisan.... Regarding AAA, he was on the move average wise and got to 271 at the All Star break. Then playing time was cut. Wally got orders from above to play Reynolds, which he deserved, but that left Danny contending with Satin, Seratelli and Quintinilla for playing time. Where are tose guys now ? I'm not trying to say this guy's Reyes or Jeter, but he's a grinder who comes to play everyday and leaves it all on the field. Don't we need guys like this?

Joe C
Voice of Reason

eraff said...

OK Joe...It was a cheap shot on my part, and it'll seldom happen again.

Muno gives you a LH option.... either guy (he or Reynolds) is gonna be up for Just a few weeks....or maybe just a week. I believe Reynolds is more highly regarded right now---and that may be the reason that HE goes down to play every day while Muno get's some MLB time.

Either way---good to have some guys on the 1st cut looking for more...GOGO Muno!!!

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