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There’s actually a guy that played had 4,256 hits in major league baseball, won three World Series, has three batting titles, one MVP, two Gold Gloves, and played in 17 all-star games, never once was accused or convicted of taking banned substances while he played the game, and is banned for life from the game.

Pete Rose has asked baseball’s new commissioner, Rob Manfred, to overturn the 1980s ban and let him return to the game and be allowed to be voted on for the Hall of Fame.

Odds on this happening… maybe a bad choice of words… are probably high. Probably the last thing a new commissioner would want to do is overturn a decision made against one of the major jerks of the game.

I’m afraid that ex-ballplayers like Shoeless Joe Jackson, Barry Bonds, and Rose will always be now thought of outsiders of the game we love.

I did love his game though.


Reese Kaplan said...

He earned that name Charlie Hustle. He could beat you any number of ways and I used to dread him coming to the plate almost more than Bench, Morgan, Griffey, Perez or Foster on those great Big Red Machine teams.

Brian Joura said...

We need to bring back the distinction between being eligible for MLB and eligible for the Hall of Fame.

There's no way on earth that Rose should ever be allowed to wear an MLB uniform again or be employed by an MLB club in any capacity.

Just as certain, he should have a plaque in Cooperstown and on that plaque, along with all of his accomplishments, it should state for all to see that he was banned from the game for betting on baseball.

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