Positional Ranking - LF


#24 Mets

Michael Cuddyer595.262.319.432.3299.2-0.6-10.11.1
John Mayberry35.226.292.377.297-0.30.0-0.10.0
Matt den Dekker35.237.295.364.293-0.40.0-0.10.0
Kirk Nieuwenhuis35.221.290.382.297-

The ever-present, stubbornly persistent Michael Cuddyer took his talents to Flushing Meadows this offseason, bringing with him a bat that seemingly refuses to age when healthy (his 2014 batted ball distance was just behind Yasiel Puig). However, the issue of health is the main question for “Cuddy”, as he’s missed a lot of time over the past three seasons, especially in 2014, when he was on the 60-day DL for a fractured shoulder. The move from Coors Field to Citi Field is also a question, though Citi has shown itself to be kinder to right-handed power than first assumed. If Cuddyer can stay healthy, he should produce well above-average offensive numbers, but his poor defense in left field will always drag his WAR numbers down. The trio of platoon/defensive specialists John MayberryMatt den Dekker, and Kirk Nieuwenhuis figure to split any remaining at-bats, assuming Cuddy stays healthy.

Mack - I don't worry as much about his bat as I do his legs and glove. There also is always a good chance that his body will break down again and wind up on the disabled list.

No one will ever admit this, but I don't think the Mets signed him thinking he would be their top pick signed in the off-season. I think Sandy Alderson expected a lot more off-season action than he wound up with.

Still, Cuddyer is no slouch and his spring power outburst (5 home runs) may prove out that he can hit with power outside of Colorado.

I didn't fall in love with this signing, and I'm not sure if I ever will, but if he falls into a lineup of Wrignt, Duda, d'Arnaud, and Flores... all of which could hit over 20 home runs...  then the power on this team will be more spread out rather than be concentrated with one or two batters.


I wouldn't be surprised, due to future injuries, that Mayberry and Nieuwenhuis combined get the same amount of at-bats as Cuddyer does.


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