MMs Top 25: #4 LHSP Steven Matz


#4 LHSP Stephen Matz (LR: #8)
Bats: R Throws: L
Height: 6' 2" Weight: 200 lb
Age: 23
Acquired: 2009 Rule 4 Draft, 2nd Round, West Melville HS (East Sauteket)

2014: (A+/AA) 10-9, 2.24 ERA, 140.2 IP, 8.4 K/9, 2.2 BB/9, 1.187 WHIP
2013: (A) 5-6, 2.62 ERA, 106.1 IP, 10.2 K/9, 3.2 BB/9, 1.166 WHIP
2012: (R) 2-1, 1.55 ERA, 29.0 IP, 10.6 K/9, 5.3 BB/9, 1.138 WHIP
2011: DNP (Tommy John Surgery Set-back)
2010: DNP (Tommy John Surgery Recovery)
     Ladies and Gentleman, Steven Matz has officially arived. After spending his 1st 3 professional season on the disabled list for a lengthy recovery from Tommy John surgery, Steven Matz has been dominate over the past 3 years. This season has been no different as he breezed through Port St. Lucie and showed no signs of slowing down after his promotion to Binghamton.

     As Sandy Alderson's only left handed pitching prospect, Matz probably has more value to the front office then any other minor league starter outside of Noah Syndergaard.  He possesses a 94-97 mph fastball which is rare velocity from the left side, a hard curveball that has developed from the slurve he previously had, and an advanced change-up that he's had since he came out of HS. All 3 pitches have developed to a point where scouts now believe all three can be plus pitches.

     In previous years the organization has had to be very careful with Matz in order to avoid aggravating the elbow, however, this season it looks like Alderson took the training wheels off and Matz has responded very well. This is especially important since Matz is already on the 40 man roster and the organization burned 1 of his 3 available options this season in order for him to pitch in the minors.

     Matz has the potential to be a star in the MLB because of his premium velocity. In fact the top average fastball for left handed starters continues to come from David Price who clocks in at an average of 93.5 mph. If he can continue to stay healthy and develop his breaking pitches the sky could be the limit.

Ceiling: Not an ace but one of better lefties in the game. #1/#2 SP (Tyson Ross)
Floor: Solid #3/#4 MLB SP. (Jorge De La Rosa)


Thomas Brennan said...

I was hoping that his low end projection would be Clayton Kershaw! Steve is going to make a lot of people feel they underrated him in a year or 2. He's gonna be real good. Just ask Frankie V. Let's see what Mr. Matz does in the Eastern League finals this week.

I wish I was a Macks Mets aficionado when he was in High School - he pitched for the HS in my old neighborhood. I'd have known about him enough to go check him out.

Michael S. said...


That's my rotation from mid-2015 onward.

Anonymous said...

I would take deGrom over Niese, especially since he has only two years left on his contract. Move Niese, Colon, Gee and Murphy for the best prospects you can get

use gained prospects from above trades to acquire positional needs (LF/SS) that are not filled internally.

Michael S. said...

I could live with that just fine. I'm completely on board with moving our extra parts for prospects to keep deepening our pool and continuing the internal pipeline that Sandy's been trying to build.

I'd just prefer to hold onto Niese because he's a veteran, he's LH, and he's under team control. I also think deGrom would have more value on the open market.

Christopher Soto said...

As soon as Matz is ready......I think Niese is gone.

Charles said...

Sandy has stated lately that the time for accumulating prospects is over and now he wants ML ready or ML proven talent.

I think he's being stupid in that instance. He's already said they weren't going to increase payroll so don't you need as many prospects as possible? Otherwise, you're going to run out of replacement players for your ML talent once that talent gets too expensive.

And let's face it, they've drafted okay, but they haven't produced a single MLB top 25 prospect in their four drafts or from international signings. They've only traded for those types of prospects. When are they going to draft a Wheeler, Harvey, Thor, or deGrom? Sorry, but even though they are possible ML starters someday, Glessman, Gant, Verrett, and Whalen aren't ever going to be SP 1 or 2's.

So I say, screw trading for ML talent, accumulate as many high end prospects as possible. Because with a 85 million dollar payroll, they are your future.

Michael S. said...

I agree. Given what they're willing to spend, the options will be limited and mediocre.

Might as well turn our displaced and 'pricey' players for prospects. Then they can decide if they fit or are tradable for a fit.

Thomas Brennan said...

As of now, I'll go with low mileage matz when ready over high mileage Niese. And keep deGrom unless offered a stud offensive player too good to pass up.

Mack Ade said...

Chris -

and the Niese-Matz conversion seems to mirror the contract obligations

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