Morning Report - September 4 - Rule 5, Thor, Joc Peterson, Brandon Nimmo


Rule 5 Eligible Mets - St.Lucie -
T.J. Chism, Maikis De La Cruz, Cole Frenzel, Gilbert Gomez, Julian Hilario, Seth Lugo, Cam Maron, Luis Mateo, Domingo Tapia, Beck Wheeler

Last night was a very disappointing outing for Las Vegas SP Rafael Montero. The team needed a lot more than 103 pitches over only 4.1 innings pitched. It also included giving up 3-ER, 7-H, and 4-BB.

Michael Scannell - to me

Noah Syndergaard only pitched 2 innings his last start and LV's season is over.  Any chance he gets a call to NYC?

            Mack – Michael, I don’t think so.

The two inning stint was obviously a tune up for the playoffs which begin tomorrow with Rafael Montero on the mound. I’m not sure where Thor stacks up in this series. Probably Game 3 or Game 4.

There’s really nothing in it to have him go past his inning limits. The last thing the Mets need is another bum wing.

Baseball America on Joc Peterson

                       While the Dodgers have plenty of outfielders (Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig), they don’t have a center fielder and that’s where Pederson comes in. The question is whether a team with a two-game lead in the NL West feels confident giving major playing time to a 22-year-old who struck out 149 times in Triple-A.

If the Dodgers do play Pederson, expect a player who knows how to get on base, is an excellent base runner, has extra-base power and will strike out, as he did in his major league debut Monday.

Scouts expect he’ll be an average to below hitter for average and that he’ll likely hit 20-25 homers rather than 30-plus in the majors.
Grab him now for a boost to your fantasy roster down the stretch and hold onto him in keeper leagues.  

Mack – Folks, there is a name of a future Mets outfielder in this article but who is it? You’re not going to get Puig away from this team.

What you’re left with is Peterson and three pieces of damaged goods (talented though) that are under long term contracts:

Matt Kemp - $21.75mil/yr through 2019

Carl Crawford - $21mil+ through 2017

Andre Ethier – approx. $18mil/yr through 2017

The Mets would never touch any of these deals, even if the Dodgers ate half of the money and asked for no players in return.

So who is the future Met?

Logic says there is no room for Peterson, that no other team is going to take any of these three contracts off the Dodgers hands, and that the Mets have either the young catcher (Kevin Plawecki) and pitcher (Noah Syndergaard) to get this deal done.

Thor and Plawecki for Peterson.

So let me ask you again… what’s in your wallet?

Thor asked –

              So Mack, were you surprised that Brandon Nimmo wasn’t called up for September?

                        Mack – A little.

              I know the dugout is getting a little crowded, but it would have been nice to see the future 1-2 hitter of this team (Nimmo, Dilson Herrera) playing together for a few games in Queens.

              I will  tell you this… the Mets recent addition of calling up the youngsters speaks volumes for the chances of Nimmo to be in Queens on opening day 2015. Let’s face it, next year is still going to be a turnaround year for this team, unless the pitching stays healthy and carries them.

              Nimmo will eventually take over left field and bat 1-2 with Herrera in the lineup. Why not now? Other teams have proven they can promote their young stars early. I would much rather make this move now and concentrate all their available money on bringing in the best shortstop that money can buy (hint hint).

Erik Hudson asked -

I don't understand Collins bringing Erik Goeddel in when he did.  It's his first day in MLB, and you bring him in a tight game, have him intentionally load the bases and then say get out of it?  It's not like he was a highly regarded prospect or was even having a great year in AAA.  Maybe let him start an inning or two before throwing him into a pressure situation like that?

It's the opposite of what he's done with the hitters that have been brought up, and had to ride the pine or hit 8th.

            Mack – Well, as I wrote yesterday, I have a different read on this.
It really doesn’t matter who pitches where anymore this season so why not find out if you have someone in the minors that could possibly make the difference next season?

The Mets are going to have to make some major decisions in the off-season on guys like Logan Verrett, Matt Bowman, and Corey Mazzoni. I don’t see any of them high on the food chain of tradable starters, but they could be easily converted to the Mets pen.

For now, they are needed for the Las Vegas playoffs, but Goeddel was available to promote. So throw him out there and let’s see what he can do, even if it’s the worst possible scenario.

I agree with you… I don’t think Goeddel is a future major leaguer but the other three guys I mentions are and could REALLY make this into an interesting bullpen next season.


Michael S. said...

On Thor, assuming he's with the team next year, do you think he competes for a rotation spot in ST or do they wait until the NEXT Super2?

Thomas Brennan said...

Could we get Peterson for Plawecki and Whalen and Molina? And keep Thor?

Plawecki should be major league ready at or near opening day 2015, so they'd swap him for 2015-readey Peterson, and Dodgers could have Whalen and Molina ready in the next 1-2 years.

Mack Ade said...

Michael -

Judging by the amount of starters they have right now I'd say no.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

I don't think so because neither Whalen or Molina have pitched successful at either the AA or AAA level.

Pederson is major league ready and IMO will take a major league ready pitcher to puyll a deal off

Anonymous said...

Not particularly a huge fan of Pederson. I have seen way too many monster stats come out of PCL especially with Dodgers that have never amounted to anything. Pederson bat is somewhere between Colby Rasmus and Jay Bruce with the same ups and downs. He does not project as long term centerfielder. Hopefully he will make necessary changes to his swing but he is far from a sure thing. It seems that there are two groups of Mets fans. One group that wildly overvalues other teams prospects and undervalues Mets prospects and others that do the exact opposite. The reality is the Dodgers are not trading either Seager who projects as third baseman or Pederson who projects as corner outfielder.

Anonymous said...

Why do the Mets need a CF-er? I thought that Lagares will be there for the next decade.

Anonymous said...

The most likely reason Nimmo not called up for a cup of coffee is that he is in a horrendous slump. Finished season something like 1-21 and went 0-5 last night. He's tired. Not sure he should play in AFL. I think he would be better off doing same offseason routine as last year and add some additional strength and power to his swing.

Steve from Norfolk said...

I still think our future SS is in the Arizona system - . I'd love to get Reyes back, but I can't see these owners spending the necessary money.

Supergrover said...

DD will be the leadoff hitter this club needs so badly.

He just had a great series against the Marlins as a top of the order guy he fits in well with his speed,walks and sinle hitting.The new DD is raking against RH pitching this Aug.

Nimmo is still a long ways off.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey, Supergrover
I agree that Dekker may be what you describe, and he has Sept to prove it. He could start for this team in 2015. I will add that while in Vegas, he did not hit too many homers but had a huge # of doubles and triples over his last 40 games in Vegas when he hit .420.

He is more than a singles hitter, and I think that will be apparent this month. But it is up to him to stay hot and prove it.

27 is old for a relative newcomer, but 34 is old for many veterans, including perhaps the underwhelming Grandy in 2015. Dekker (gasp) could be much better than Grandy in 2015? Let's see. They've given Matt the stage - time for him to really perform.

Ernest Dove said...

I wonder if the front office was just a little bit sad to see Kirk go BOOM last night in place of Grandy...............now what? I don't see them benching (or whatever they pretend to call it) Grandy again.
And do us seriously hit him first or second again? Lagares is hitting, DD is hitting, TDA is doing ok hitting 5th.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

I honestly don't think one home run changes what these guys plan to put out on the field each day.

Michael S. said...

He put up pretty good numbers in AA. At this point, with Nimmo, Conforto, and Lagares in the system as will as the team searching for another OF this offseason I'm much less interested in Pederson. Now Seager, I'd go after.

Michael S. said...

Since 8/13 MDD is hitting about .307. I'd let the kid keep playing and keep Grandy on the pine.

Steve from Norfolk said...

Michael S. -

Never happen. The only figures the FO is watching are the ones with dollar signs at the front. I agree with you, though.

Hobie said...

Granderson is the fly in the ointment here. Really, what can you possibly do with him?

Worth an entire thread of its own, Mack.

Reese Kaplan said...

Reason number 973 to fire Terry Collins:

You have a guy who has not had a good season all of the sudden go on an 8/19 run (.421) so Terry does what he does best -- benches him to make room for the .221 hitter. Does anyone else in baseball do this consistently the way Collins does?

Reason number 974 to fire Terry Collins:

You have bases loaded in the 8th and decide to let the pitcher bat for himself when (for better or worse) you have Granderson on the bench. You also have Flores. You have Campbell. You have an EXPANDED roster. Hell, you even have lesser options superior to pitchers like Recker, Young and CenteƱo. Not only doesn't Torres get a hit, but he promptly serves up a HR to Stanton.

Mack Ade said...

Hobie -

Good idea -

Hiow about... "100 Things The Mets Should Do With Curtis Granderson"

#78 - I'm thinking hood ornament

Michael S. said...

Let him play Mr. Met for a few innings. That guy in the costume must get overheated.

Michael S. said...

Unfortunately you're right.

Michael S. said...

Scratch that, since his recall on August 10, MDD is at an even .300 with a .400 OBP. If the Mets are intent on making Lagares a leadoff hitter, MDD would be a great (and cheap, Mr. Wilpon) #2 hitter.

1. CF Lagares
2. LF den Dekker
3. 3B Wright

Mack Ade said...

As for 2015...

the Mets could do a lot worse than platooning Campbell and den Dekker in left field

Thomas Brennan said...

Campbell and Dekker in LF? Music to my ears, Mack.

Anonymous said...

Just announced....Norfolk signs a 4 year PDC with the Orioles.

So the Tides will not be an option for the Mets when we do this dance again at the end of 2016

Steve from Norfolk said...


They never were, not with Ken Young owning the Orioles' AA and A+ franchises in addition to the Tides. Also, Jeff Wilpon burned his bridges behind him when he wouldn't return the phone calls from the Norfolk city government or the Tides GM in 2006. Talk about making a bad move!
Here's a quote Dave Rosenfield, Tides GM during the Mets stay in Norfolk, now Tides team president, gave the Wall Street Journal last year.

"They're undesirable," said Dave Rosenfield, a longtime Norfolk (Va.) Tides executive. "Nobody wants them."

Rosenfield said the relationship soured after Jeff Wilpon became the Mets' chief operating officer in 2002, after which ommunication with team officials became "virtually nonexistent."

"When he became involved in everything was when things changed," Rosenfield said. "I dealt with him on some things and somebody always had to go to him if you wanted to do anything. He had his nose and hands in everything."

Sound familiar??

Hobie said...

>> the Mets could do a lot worse than platooning Campbell and den Dekker in left field >>

Yasmani Tomas in RF would go nice with that. Again, with CG on the roster no chance of that (OK, little chance even if he weren't).

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