The Morning Report 3.3.2015 | Intra-Squad Game, Logan Verrett, Gee for Profar?, RIP Jeff McKnight, Juan Lagares ceiling?


  • Today is the first Spring Training Game of the Year! The club is scheduled to play an internal intra-squad game against each other at 12pm today. On the mound for Team Blue will be Jon Niese, Rafael Montero, Sean Gilmartin, Carlos Torres and Vic Black. For Team Orange, Zack Wheeler, Jenrry Mejia, Buddy Carlyle and Jeurys Familia will be on the mound. David Wright, Michael Cuddyer and Curtis Granderson are all scheduled to play but Daniel Murphy, Juan Lagares, and Lucas Duda will all sit.

Rich Dubroff | CSN Baltimore - "the Orioles have a Rule 5 draft choice who threw a scoreless inning. Logan Verrett, taken by the Orioles from the New York Mets, has pitched at a much higher level than Garcia. Because he’s a Rule 5 pick, Verrett has more eyes on him.“I definitely feel like I’m going to get plenty of opportunities to be seen on the mound. I, for, appreciate that opportunity. Being able to get out on the mound, just getting out there, the more times I get out there on the mound, the better I can be. I hope I get as many opportunities as humanly possible to pitch this spring training,”

(Chris Soto: It's been said that the Orioles LOVE what they are seeing from Logan Verrett and that he has a legitimate shot of sticking with the club as their long man out of the bullpen. He's also in the competition for the 5th starter role but is more of a long shot there. We continue to wish Verrett the best of luck. When your in a system that has so much good pitching, naturally there are going to be guys who end up on other teams.)

Chris Cotillo | MLB Daily Dish - "There is an expectation around baseball that Mets' starter Dillon Gee could be traded at some point during spring training, and some in the game believe the Rangers may make a push to acquire him, according to major-league sources.One scenario that is being thrown about in baseball circles is a deal that could send Jurickson Profar to the Mets for Gee and some additional pieces. Profar is likely to miss the entire season due to labrum surgery, though the Mets may be looking to buy low on him.

(Chris Soto: If this rumor has any legs whatsoever.....I am all for it. Gee has made it very clear that he is not a fan of the idea of pitching out of the bullpen. Meanwhile, after Darvish, Gallardo, and Holland, the Rangers have serious question marks in the back end of their rotation. It's a natural fit and the Rangers have additional depth in the middle infield with Rougned Odor and Elvis Andrus. We have to remember that Profar was once a consensus Top MLB prospect. If there truly is a buy low scenario here.....you take it.)

Associated Press | ESPN New York - Jeff McKnight, a versatile player who spent six seasons with the New York Mets and Baltimore Orioles, has died. He was 52. McKnight's family told the Mets that McKnight died Sunday after battling leukemia for 10 years. McKnight made his big league debut with the Mets in 1989 and hit .233 with five home runs and 34 RBIs in 218 games. He singled in his final at-bat for the Mets in August 1994, on the final day before a players' strike wiped out the rest of the season.

(Chris Soto: Our condolences to the team's Joe McEwing has his time. I remember McNight being one of the 1st player's I watched when I first started rooting for the Mets when I was kid [1993 I think]. He was a small scrappy guy who always gave the game everything he had. )

TIM ROHAN | nytimes.comSeveral characteristics distinguished Juan Lagares’s outfield glove last season. It was orange with blue trim — Mets colors — along with a patch of black on the back. His son’s name, “J Lagares Jr.,” was stitched into the side. Lagares used his glove to win two prestigious awards — a Gold Glove and a Fielding Bible. He used his glove to establish himself as perhaps the best defensive center fielder in baseball. Lagares, 25, is still building his reputation. The Mets signed him as a teenager out of the Dominican Republic. He is entering his third season with the team as a cornerstone, a young player whom they can build around. Consider some metrics. Baseball Info Solutions, one of the sport’s most respected analytics outfits, evaluates outfielders on the number of plays they make in three areas — shallow, medium and deep. The company found that Lagares ranked among the top center fielders in all three categories. Perhaps more impressive, the company concluded that Lagares also saved 52 runs over the last two years, best among center fielders. As a rule of thumb, said John Dewan, the founder of Baseball Info, about 10 runs saved equal about one victory. Lagares’s defense alone, then, could be credited for about five Mets wins over the last two years, and he played center field for only about 68 percent of the Mets’ games in that period. Dewan said Lagares’s impact was comparable to 40 home runs in half a season. Lagares, it should be noted, can do more than field. He hit .281 last season, 39 points higher than his rookie year, and started showing promise as a base stealer. As a defender, though, he is probably at the height of his powers right now.”

(Herb G.  I have the distinct feeling that Lagares has the makings of a future star. His stellar glove, of course, goes without saying. But offensively, he can be a force as well. Kevin Long recently likened him to Robinson Cano, which I think may be a stretch. I see more of a likeness to Carlos Gomez. Lagares demonstrated his hitting potential in his last few minor league seasons, and perhaps with Long’s tutelage he can even improve on his already satisfactory results of last year at the major league level. Additionally, he seemed to finally learn how to use his speed to advantage on the base paths in the final months of last season. With Lagares batting lead off, as Terry Collins suggested, it could be an exciting season. It even makes one wonder if young Juan could be the player who finally makes Met fans forget the pain of losing Jose Reyes.)


Thomas Brennan said...

Intrasquad is fine...a game is a game. Play ball!

Good for Verrett - maybe the next Colin McHugh?

I'd not be surprised if this is the year Lagares becomes a star.

I'd take a gamble on Profar for Gee.

Harvey seems fine - so do the Mets.

Christopher Soto said...

Did anyone see that video of Harvey facing Wright and Grandy.


Zozo said...

I really do think we have our number 1 or 2 hitter in Lagares for a few more years. I would consider signing him to a long term deal ASAP? What do you guys think?

Thomas Brennan said...

Zozo, I would do so with Lagares...but this team is not apt to.

Chris I did not see the video, but will have to give it a look. Could Harvey be BETTER than the old version? And temper his high 90s frequency a bit to ensure no re-injury? My guess is he is smart enough to do so. Of course, Matz getting raves too...the best pitching this franchise has ever had may be here - and soon.

Reese Kaplan said...

Downside -- Profar never recovers and Gee continues his career as a 5th starter. You save $5.3 million and replace him on the staff with a minimum wage Syndergaard, Matz or Montero if an extra starter is needed.

Upside -- Profar recovers and becomes the player a number one prospect is supposed to be at minimum wage. Your total gamble is the talent of Dillon Gee which thus far no one has wanted in exchange for a number one prospect.

I'd break my finger dialing the phone to make that deal.

Dallas said...

Normally Mack would have a dozen snippets of info on Profar to tell us more about him (miss you Mack!). Does anyone know why he was a consensus top prospect? His MILB numbers at a glace didn't seem very impressive. He is obviously still young but will be a year older before he is back to playing (23?). As long as we dont have to give up much other than Gee, why not I guess?

Anonymous said...

I am not so sure that the O's wont be returning Verrett. I have checked out a bunch of Bird Blogs and none of them even mention him either as part of the staff or in the Pen. The only question about the rotation is whether or not Matuze will be in it and even though they are just blogs, they do a pretty good job of running down the candidates for starters and relief and Verrett isn't even mentioned. Doesn't mean he cant make the team, but judging by what the blogs say, he is on the outside looking in and may very well end up back in Vegas. They have had another pitcher who they scooped off the Rule 5 last year, so it is possible they catch lightning twice, but also very possible that Verrett is a Met again in the spring

Christopher Soto said...


Profar was considered the #74 best prospect in 2010, #7 in 2011, and #1 in 2012 by Baseball America.

Here is what was said about him in 2012..

Bat: 70, Power: 60, Speed: 55, Defense:65, Arm: 60

Profar may not have the most power, the most speed or the strongest arm on the field, but typically he’s the best player out there. A natural righthanded hitter, he learned to switch-hit after signing and now shows uncommon bat speed from both sides of the plate, lending him more power than his lean 6-foot frame suggests. Profar surprises some opponents with his pop��which is above-average for a middle infielder��but he may have to tone down his swing to maximize his overall production. He takes a disciplined approach to hitting, with strong knowledge of the strike zone that ought to make him a consistent .300 hitter in his prime. An above-average defender at shortstop, Profar has instincts that outstrip his plus range. His hands and arm are above-average as well. Some of his throws to first base tend to sail when he gets on the side of the ball, but that’s just a matter of adjustment. He has solid speed and knows how to use it on the bases, stealing 16 bases in 20 tries in 2012. Observers rave about Profar’s mental toughness, leadership skills and grace under pressure. When he signed, Profar told the Rangers he would reach the big leagues by the time he was 20. He actually completed his journey five months ahead of schedule last September. He played sporadically down the stretch but made the Rangers’ playoff roster for their Wild Card Game against the Orioles. Even if he begins the 2013 season in Triple-A, Profar’s talent probably will win out and result in a promotion to Texas during the season. He likely will move to second base in deference to Elvis Andrus, pushing Ian Kinsler to the outfield. Few prospects represent a safer bet to develop into a first-division regular and all-star than Profar.

Dallas said...

I looked closer at his 2012 MILB numbers. In AA and he had 14HR in 126 games while posting a pretty good OBP. We need to clear out Gee and this seems like a great way to do it. Hopefully it doesnt cost much more in terms of important prospects for that upside.

Herb G said...

Profar has played his entire milb career facing pitchers that were 4, 5 and 6 years his senior, and yet he has excelled at the plate. (.276/.367/.449 ain't shabby) No offense to Dillon, who would probably get more playing time in Texas than he will in Flushing, but I am helping him pack his bags and driving him to the airport. By The Time He Gets To Phoenix I'll Be Dancing. (Glenn Campbell)

Thomas Brennan said...

Just to see you dancing would be worth pulling the trigger on that trade, Herb. Heck, I'd trade Syndergaard to see that!! :)

Mack Ade said...

Evening everybody.

For the record, Profar is all risk... no track record, two years not healing...

but Gee is expendable and I'd do the Profar trade if for no other reason than to show I had a set of balls.

Richard Jones said...

I live in TX. It is about a 30 minute drive for me to watch the Rangers live. Their AA team is also very close.
Profar was rushed though the Rangers system. Like Herb mentioned he was much younger than those he played against.
When the Rangers called him up it was to fill in for Andrews, who was hurt. It was short term. Profar won a MLB spot in the roster. When Andrews came back there was no place to play him. He never was given a consistent role. That is very hard for a young player who only knew short stop. He was being asked to play all the outfield positions, all the infield positions except 1st base. His stats suffered. When I watched him live I saw a player I thought was more exciting than Jose Reyes.
I would no doubt make this trade unless the other pieces include a Matz or Syndergaard or doctors I would consult talked me out of it.

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1) I don't rush to sign Lagares long-term just yet. Let's see him play another full season.

2) I seriously doubt the Rangers give up on Profar for the likes of Dillon Gee. Mets would seriously need to sweeten that deal. It could be, however, that Profar's arm is toast. Just a tough trade to make on either side. Also: Isn't there a rule against trading guys on the DL?

James Preller

Richard Jones said...


The only rules against trading a player on the DL are in effect after the trading deadline. The Rangers are free to deal Profar. I doubt they will but I can hope.

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