Morning Report – September 6th – Rule 5, LA Dodgers, Dom Smith, Bobby Parnell


Rule 5 –
            Here are the 2014 Brooklyn Cyclones that are eligible for the Rule 5:
    Adrian Abreu, Alberto Baldonado, Shane Bay, Michael Bernal, Anthony Chavez, A.J. Pinera, Luis Rengel, Eddie Rohan, Juan Urbina, Edioglis Villasmil

We know that I have been blowing some rose colored smoke up everyone's arse lately, but take a look at the batting averages of both Wilmer Flores and Travis d'Arnaud after last night's game. Do we remember where these guys started from this year?

Also, the last time I looked, Flores was playing some pretty decent infield. Not Golden Glove material, but a level I'm sure he is proud of.

What I'm saying is we have here two potential .300+ hitters, both capable of producing 20+ home runs and 75+ RBIs over the length of the entire season.

I'm telling you... this team isn't far off.

On the flip side... I can't tell you how disappointed I have been in the starters down in the minor league playoffs. First Montero, then Matz and now Syndergaard. There is no excuse for untimely pitching under these playoff conditions. Stars reach down and find what it takes to separate them from the rest.

On the surface, I can't see how any of these three could start Queens next spring. Sure, promote Matz to Vegas, but keep Montero and Syndergaard there at least another half season to work on their game.

In the case of Montero, he just needs to learn how to mix up his four effective pitchers and 1) keep pounding while confusing the batter... Syndergaard's game simply needs more confidence with the changeup and accuracy with the fastball.

This is a horrible end to a great minor league season.

We have spent a considerable amount of time discussing the possibility of the Mets trading with the Los Angeles Dodgers for the services of their budding prospects, SS Corey Seager and CF Joc Pederson.

What we’ve spent very little time is on the desire of the Dodgers to trade with anyone, in general, and the Mets, in particular.

I will say this… the Dodgers seem to trying to play this game with an entire new set of rules. First, they sign up three established outfielders (Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford) to $387mil worth of contracts. Then, they sign one of the more exciting international prospects to come out of Cuba (Yasiel Puig) for $42mil more.

You now have $429mil spent on four baseball player to play three positions.

So who’s safe here?

Well, probably Kemp, who would be only one of two right hand hitting power bats (Puig) in the lineup if, as rumored, SS Hanley Ramirez, left via free agency (so much for trying to get Seager now).

Ethier looks to be the easiest one to be moved via a trade since he will only be owed $56mil (‘only’) following the 2014 season (that could rise by $175mil more if his 2017 PA’s rose above 550). My guess is the Dodgers would wind up paying at least half of this figure in any deal

The least attractive seems to be the 33-year old Crawford and is owed $62.5mil beyond the 2014 season. Crawford also can’t seem to stay healthy anymore and speaks volumes to why people by Sandy Alderson hates long term contracts.

As I said earlier, we have discussed the Dodgers outfield here many times, and no one seems to be unanimously wanted by the comment makes of Mack’s Mets. Even Pederson has his critics.

I think I’m going to move on here with the general feeling that the Dodgers will not be trade partners with the Mets in the off-season. Both prospects mentioned here today seem to have futures with this team on other positions. Seager is projected to eventually wind up on third base while Puig will force Pederson to one of the corner positons.

The Curtis Granderson fiasco reminds Alderson every day that the future of this team does not lie in lengthy, overpriced contracts. That is not how the Mets are going to operate in this decade (sorry, Reese).

Regarding the Dodgers… we need to move on.

Savannah Sand Gnats hitting coach Val Pascucci on first baseman Dominic Smith

    "I think he did well enough in spring training to show the front office, everybody, that he would be capable of playing here and having success. You always want to set up your younger guys for success. There was a little bit of a question mark when he first came (hitting .212 in April). We're going to have a big discrepancy in numbers and I think it's shown that over the course of the years when the Mets have been here. They're still young guys. They want to get the hits. They want to see the big numbers.

    He's learning to become an all-around hitter. The power stuff will come. Defensive-wise, he's great at first base. He catches everything and he makes the guys in the infield better."

     Mack - Smith played far past his lack of age and he looks like a damn good draft pick at this point in his career. I'm impressed. And, I don't look for any rush job here. As we have learned with guys like Juan Lagares, Jacob deGrom,  and Colin McHugh, not very success in the majors comes overnight.

There's a guy named Jayce Boyd between Smith and Lucas Duda. Boyd should take over first base in Las Vegas next year. He's already known for his bat so imagine how that is going to translate in the PCL

Mike Puma wrote a nice article about Mets closer Bobby Parnell - http://nypost.com/2014/09/04/remember-bobby-parnell-hes-fixing-to-get-his-job-back/  -
People forget Parnell’s stats before he went down with a herniated disc in his neck (been there): 5-5, 2.16-ERA, 22-saves in 26 chances.

I covered the Mets when Parnell was a starter and he still insisted to be called ‘Robert’ (see how well that worked with the beat reporters). He fought the conversion to the pen with all his power, but, once he gave up, he took the same energy to become the best he could be as a reliever.

He just spent some time working out with his old teammates for three days while they played the Marlins in Miami. I really think it’s cool that he spent the entire time sitting in the bullpen rather than in the dugout with old friends like David Wright.

No, the pen is now ‘his people’ and I’m sure he will do everything he can to win back the closer role as soon as the doctors clear him to pitch.

Will he be ready by opening day? My guess is he won’t be, but knowing how Terry Collins’ mind works, he will be returned to the closer role, as soon as he’s ready, regardless of what others do in his absents.

There is no right or wrong here. It’s just the Mets way. 


bob gregory said...

I have to agree with you regarding moving past thinking about the Dodgers as trade partners. There seemed to be an opportunity here earlier this year before Kemp started to return to form, but that time has passed.
If the rumors were true that Kemp was available and the Dodgers would have kicked in significant dollars and reduced return in players,...... it would have been very nice.
But .....oh well. ....that time is passed.

Thomas Brennan said...

I wished they'd tried Flores at SS sooner. He will be very good. His offense will carry him, good news on an historically weak offense franchise.
A glimpse of what this line up could do in a hitter-friendly park. Move our fences in.
And youth shall be served!

Matz wasn't bad. He was great in Savannah playoffs last yeat, so of the 3 you mentioned, I cut him some slack.

bob gregory said...


Get the signs ready. "Move in the fences". Picketing outside Citifield.

I still believe if Flores was higher in the order he would be making more consistent solid contact. He has always been a middle of the order bat. Hitting in front of the pitcher must seem like a completely different game to him.

Ernest Dove said...

U know, im just not sure anymore if the front office will even pursue a SS or a LF in the offseason........
Wilmer can hit, and hes starting to show it now. And last nights bomb was second deck out there.
Den Dekker has shown some spark as well.
I don't know if either will/would ever make an all star team, but lets just think 2015, and not beyond.
Right now, they are not terrible options. Plus, they come CHEAP, which is just how this ownership now wants it, whether we like it or not.
Regarding the kiddies pitching down on the farm, im ok with vegas rotation of Syndergaard, Montero and Matz. .....besides, deGrom had an ERA over 4.00 last year, and they had him come back the next year (this year) and he looks OK now.

Thomas Brennan said...

I meant to also touch on Jayce Boyd. He surged towards the end of this AA season. Add some more pop and he could be a Murphy quality hitter by the end of next year. A nice surplus problem to have.

John Zozo said...

Yeah I wish we went for Kemp earlier as well. I think they should just trade Murphy, Gee and Colon and get the best outfield and pitching prospects available. The outfield prospect can compete with MDD for right field and move Granderson to left field.
I have always been a proponent of Flores in this batting order and think he would hold his own at short.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

You're starting to sound like a combination of me and the Mets brass... scary

Mack Ade said...

This team is playing with no little pressure right now that there actually is an outside chance they could finish at .500

Anonymous said...

I'm actually ok with standing pat, unless they can land Tomas. I don't think 2015 is the year, but more like 84. Too many pitchers on limits and would like to see internal OF options like Conforto and Nimmo have one more year to determine when they might ascend to ML. also would like to see what Sandy can stock pile out of Colon, Niese, Gee and Murphy. Nine will bring back a star, but they should all have decent upper level minor prospects, which increases trade inventory and possibly decreases the possibility that any of the young arms have to be moved. I still dream of a Harvey, Wheeler, Thor, DeGrom and Matz rotation will a solid bullpen and backups for the whole staff. Toss in Conforto or Nimmo in the OF and you might have something. I would like to see if Sandy can pick up more pitching to deal for a true two way SS

Thomas Brennan said...

Wilmerr may just be our man at SS. If he hit .290 next year with 40 doubles, 15 HRs and 80 RBIs, I'd put up with so-so defense

bob gregory said...

Has Flores defense really only been so-so?
He has made some really nifty plays and has made the plays he should.
He has atleast been average.
I think Flores was labeled and now is always judged on what was expected. . Not what he has actually done.

Thomas Brennan said...

his defense has been good. I'm thinking over a course of a full 2015, it might be so-so - average. Which is better than anyone was giving him a chance to be defensively.

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