Mad GAD - The Future Duo? Reynolds, Herrera Could Shine One Day In Corona Park


One day, we might see Matt Reynolds graze shortstop, and Dilson Herrera covet second base. While the jury is still out on Wilmer Flores, and we will see how his 2015 dictates, it seems like Reynolds is creeping up in the scout's book in Las Vegas. He's been given ample opportunity, and the Mets are giving him a shot to develop in major-league spring training, with a likely job in Triple-A Vegas on the horizon.

          Dilson Herrera, on the other hand, got the call-up last year because Las Vegas was in the playoffs. Herrera, who will return to the minors and get a really deserving shot in Triple-A now, is also on the radar for possible playing time in Queens within the next two years. This battery is who many envision will be the infield future for the Metropolitans, at least beginning in 2016 or 2017 full-time. Flores is still unproven. He overtook Ruben Tejada, which was a big step in the eyes of the organization. And now, with a strong campaign this year, everything could change. And of course there are still a lot of questions with some of the prospects, an having opportunity here. Catcher Kevin Plawecki, these two aforementioned young ballplayers, a few pitchers further down the food chain (i.e. B-Mets)... those are just some of the "trade chips" we might have within the farm.

         There are of course more to speak of, but there are always injuries, and other things seem to just occur, so it is very tough to say at this point what will happen. However, Wally Backman will be the first to praise these two young men, who have a really good shot at successful MLB futures. Daniel Murphy is likely gone by July or next off-season, and many, many people think Dilson Herrera, who came in the Marlon Byrd trade, is a viable option.

        People don't realize how good Sandy Alderson is with trades. He was able to snag Herrera, and Vic Black in that deal, and of course he acquired Syndergaard and d'Arnuad in the R.A. deal, along with the minor-league trouble-making outfielder, whose future is very much up-in-the-air going forward. So it will be anyone's best guess as to the future duo, but once we have the bittersweet parting of Murphy by the start of 2016, it definitely seems like at least Dilson will be up here. Who else? And what about September call-ups? That all depends on their performances, but of course also the "Flores test" all season long, and as we mentioned, the future of No. 28.


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