David Deal Done


It came in on ESPN radio on the 3:30am update while I was working. $140mil through 2020. I’ll be asleep when you get all the details (I’m writing this offline at 4:30am), but I’m curious if there is no-trade clause. If not, it’s the same as a bunch of one year contracts to the Mets.

Still, this is a big ‘step up’ by both Wright and the Mets. Consider this a statement that they intend to compete and they all did the right thing. The fans will get a hero that will retire a Met.

I wonder what Jose is thinking right now. Both these guys deserved to have played their entire career in a Met uniform. Also, sorry Wilmer.

I’m going to bed. There will be plenty places for you to read about this all morning. Great stuff.


Anonymous said...

I don't think thay Wright and Reyes are comparable. Reyes depends upon his speed and the implications of a long term contract are entirely different for him.

Steve from Norfolk said...

David gets 10-and-5 rights this year, so a no-trade clause would be redundant. Glad to see this out of the way before the Winter Meetings!

Anthony Carnacchio said...

Now we can dump Dickey for somebody nice.... throw niese and wilmer together and we have something cooking!

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone including Niese in trade deals?

Here is a guy who is a good #3 pitcher, young, left-handed, and proven in the majors, AND is signed for the next 4 years on a TEAM FRIENDLY contract.

Why would you give that up?

Mack Ade said...

Leave Niese alone... he's part of the 2014 plan

Anthony Carnacchio said...

You wouldn't trade niese for wil myeers or travis d'arnaud ?

Anonymous said...

Would teams trade Wil Myers or D'Arnaud for Niese is the better question.....and the answer is no. If we have to include a SP in a package for a top notch prospect I'd push to include Gee or McHugh.

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