FLASH - B. J. Upton signs with Braves


B.J. Upton signs 5-year, $75 million deal with . That's a lot of money for a career .255 hitter, who strikes out 150 times a year.

BJ Upton gets 15M/year. Only OFs to sign for between 15-19 a year Carlos Lee, Magglio Ordonez and Jason Bay.What could possibly go wrong?

In 1884 my WAR (18.6) was 5 points, or roughly two B.J. Upton seasons, higher than $75 M man B.J. Upton has produced in his career (13.6).

B.J. Upton's precise haul was $75,250,000 for 5. Not sure what the extra 250 clams are for (can't hurt tho!) 

If B.J. Upton is worth $15 million per for 5 what is David Wright worth? More than $17 million per for 7 that’s for damn sure.

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Mack Ade said...

The Hot Stove is heating up.

This is a very big deal for an outfielder that never has played up to the potential he came advertised with.

The problem is there are only a couple of decent outfielders available in this year's free agent market.

Michael Bourn must be very happy tonight.

Charles said...

This is the going rate for a legit outfielder with talent. The problem is you must overpay.

After Wright gets signed, does anyone actually think Alderson would ever do a deal like this? And that's how you must operate to compete, unless you trade or build from within. Which ain't happening any time soon.

Mack Ade said...

the Wright deal has nothing to do with 2013... that money is already on the books

and... the reason it's not done is that the Levinson Brothers are staging an announcement during the Winter Meetings so they can reverse the negative feelings the industry has for them since the Melky mess

Charles said...

Okay, but that wasn't my point. My point is that if BJ can get 15 mill a year for 5 years, what is a really good outfielder going to get? And can anyone see Alderson endorsing a deal like that for the Mets?

The Wright signing is meaningless in '13,'14, & '15 unless they acquire players to compliment Wright. And for that type of money it isn't happening.

As far as the Levinsons...I don't think they have the power to use David's signing as a ploy. The Mets or Wright will stage the announcement, not the agents. This is an announcement the Mets need a whole lot more then them and once that deal is signed, they'll dictate the when and where it's announced. The last thing they need is to piss off their biggest client.

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