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Let's move 'The War Room' in another direction...

One of our readers, Jan Root, is a big Mets fan. He lives in Europe and sent me his projected rotations for the various Mets teams in 2013:

Mets -  (Dickey gets traded): Santana, Niese, Harvey, Gee, Mejia

AAA - Wheeler (to replace Santana at the ASB), Familia (too soon to give up as a starter but at the ASB it is time to make a choice), McHugh, Gorski, Cohoon

AA - Peavey, Germen, Mazzoni, Goeddel, Pill, Montero

A+ - Verrett, DeGrom, Fulmer, Tapia, Pantaliodis, Mateo

A - Ynoa, Robles, Cessa, Lara, Hilario, Gant

A - Matz, Reyes, Gsellman, Diaz, Flexen, Taylor

Okay guys....  tear it apart...  :)


jonah said...

And a little addition to how I came to these rotations.

I think the Brooklyn 2012 rotation should start a level higher because they did a great job last season. Mateo is pretty "old" so I had him skip a level.

After that I put Wheeler, Familia and McHugh in AAA again because there is no room at the Mets rotation (yet). I also think you shouldnt put starters too soon in the pen because you have room there.

After that I looked at the Savannah roster and saw Tapia, Fulmer and Panteliodis pitched there for a whole year. Time to move up.

With Mateo, Tapia, Fulmer and Pantaliodis already at A+ you have 2 spots. Pill, Verrett, Montero and DeGrom. I went with DeGrom and Verrett because they had the least innings at that level.

So Pill and Montero went up so 4 spots open. Looking at the AAA roster you have 2 spots. I put the 2 lefties there, Gorski and Cohoon.
And the AA roster was a puzzle. Too many options but looking at the numbers I came to the rotation as mentioned.

And the Brooklyn rotation just a wild guess.

Craig said...

This seems like a very solid projection.

Mack--What are your thoughts on the 5 brooklyn starters from last year? Were they all old for the level, or are they legitimate prospects?

John said...

I think the projection is very solid. I would rather see Mejia in AAA with a veteran in the rotation such as Pelfry or another type. This would push Cohoon out of the AAA rotation and he has proven that he does not belong there. I could also see some minor league free agents/journeymen taking a spot or two in AAA.

I also think that Peavey or Mazzoni might find themselves in the bullpen in AA/AAA with a chance at a call-up in 2013.

Other than that, this all seem like very strong possibilities to happen in the Mets system. This was very well done.

Kevin Anderson said...

I think that this is also a really good indication of how much pitching there currently is in the minor leagues for the Mets. Each of these rotations could potentially produce really good results. I remember back in the middle of last year something about the Mets' minor league teams combined pitching stats were some of the best when compared to other major league teams. Plus this doesn't include all of the other interesting arms that are coming through the system as bullpen pieces. Now if we can only build the same kind of hitting depth we'd have something really special.

jonah said...

John, why do you want to pay extra for a starter if you can put Mejia in that place to try him out?

Greg b said...

As a met fan i have a smile on my face because we have so much pitching in the minors if we can trade dickey for a young catcher and a speedy center fielded sign another outsider with the money saved from dickey we can have something special for years.

John said...

I just think that Mejia is still young and could benefit from some time in the minors to work on his breaking pitches so hopefully he can continue to develop has a starter. I would at least bring in competition and make him earn the job in camp. If he vows you, let him stay in the rotation, if not, let him develop in the minors, he is still very young.

Mack Ade said...


Sorry for the delay... got off work at 6am and had to nap...

Most of the "Latin 5" were long in the tooth, but Luis Mateo needs to jump to St. Lucie.

He will pitch 2013 as a 23-year old.
Most Latin players start their career at 16, so who the heck knows where some o these have been.

Mateo looks like a keeper.

Mack Ade said...

My projections (without looking at Jonah's) are:

AAA: Wheeler, Gorski, Germen, Cohoon, Schwinden McHugh

AA: Montero, Verrett, Mazzoni, Huchington, Goeddel, Cuan

A+ - Fulmer, Tapia, Mateo, Pill, deGrom, Panteliodes, Fuller

A - Ynoa, Lara, Cessa, Robles, Hilario, Gant, Diaz

tony said...

Mack u would knew more then me but is this the deepest pitching depth we've had in the minors since the late 80s.it seems like every level there so much depth

Mack Ade said...


Yeah, this is as deep as a team can go.

It will be interesting to see how DePo drafts this June. Most of the new GCL team will probably be filled with ex-DSL pitchers, so, if you draft 8-10 college starters, just where in the hell do they go?

Outfielders and catchers... :)

TP said...

Too bad the Mets were too cheap to sign their #2 pick this year or they would have yet another quality arm. I agree with John above - if they do deal RA for a quality return, I would re-up Pelfrey for the open roster spot. I would like to see both Mejia and Familia start again at AAA - they both need innings to refine secondary piutches, even if they wind up in the pen. Let's not make the same mistake with Mejia twice. Get them innings and find a vet or two to fill the Flushing roster if needed.

Craig said...

Mack--3 pitchers not on either list..Christian Montgomery,Jaun Urbina, and Akeel Morris--What level do you think these guys pitch at in 2013?

Mack Ade said...


It doesn't matter how many pitching 'prospects' you have... their value is net zero until they produce something.

Zack Wheeler is still in that category.

That being said, Mike Pelfrey is a known entity. If you can sign him to a one or two year deal with a load of incentives, you have to do it.

Mack Ade said...

I talked to Morris around 2 weeks ago and he has no idea whether he will start or not come spring... I assume he and Urbina will open the season in the Savannah pen.

The system is VERY deep and both Urbina and Morris have to step aside for last season's Clones rotation.

Re: Montmomery... he should be 100% come spring and I expect he's be held back for either Brooklyn or Kingsport. He could be quite the draft steal if he' healthy.

Greg b said...

Im looking toward seeing the progression of Montereo. Tapia. Degroom.

Mack Ade said...


I've learned over the years that you will be extremely lucky to develop one successful rotational pitcher for every five that dominate at the lower levels.

7 billion people on earth... 150 starting pitchers...

the math really sucks

tony said...

Mack do u know if adrilin rodrequiez is eligible for the rule 5 draft.seems like every thing i read nobody seems to know for sure. Thanks

Mack Ade said...


Yes he is. I was surprised he wasn't protected.

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