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MLB Reports ‏@MLBreports - So Mets will have a starting OF of Duda, Nieuwenhuis and Baxter for 2013?

The Upton signing takes one of the top two OFers off the FA market. Michael Bourn will be next to go, not to the Mets. In other news, Adam Rubin reported that Sandy Alderson said that he expects to fill in the 2013 roster with free agents, not trades, and the emphasis will be on outfielders. Help me out here… with compliments to MLBTR, here’s the FA tracker for free agent outfielders:

Rick AnkielCFNo
Michael BournCFYes (Denied)
Curtis GrandersonCFYankeesNo1$15.000MM
Mitch MaierCFNo
Angel PaganCFNo
Grady SizemoreCFNo
B.J. UptonCFBravesYes (Denied)5$75.000MM

Melky CabreraLFBlue JaysNo2$16.000MM
Aaron CunninghamLFNo
Matt DiazLFNo
Jonny GomesLFRed SoxNo2$0.000MM
Austin KearnsLFNo
Ryan LudwickLFNo
Darnell McDonaldLFNo
Nate McLouthLFNo
Juan PierreLFMarlinsNo1$1.600MM
Josh HamiltonLF / CFYes (Denied)
Shane VictorinoLF / CFNo
Dewayne WiseLF / CFWhite SoxNo1$0.700MM
Bobby AbreuLF / DHNo
Johnny DamonLF / DHNo
Raul IbanezLF / DHNo
Delmon YoungLF / DHNo
Travis BuckLF / RFNo
Kosuke FukudomeLF / RFNo
Andruw JonesLF / RFNo
Don KellyLF / RFNo
Cody RossLF / RFNo

Jeff BakerRFNo
Brian BogusevicRFCubsNo
Torii HunterRFTigersNo2$26.000MM
Ichiro SuzukiRFNo
Scott HairstonRF / LFNo
Reed JohnsonRF / LF / CFNo

Exactly who’s left on this list worth going after in the money range set by Fred Wilpon?



Anthony Carnacchio said...

Wil Myers!

Susana said...

I'd LOVE for the Mets to get Myers parting with DIckey.

But I'd also love for Sandy to give the Rockies a call and see what it would take to acquire Tyler Colvin. I'd love him in a Mets uni.

Mack Ade said...


Anonymous said...

I think signing Wright to a 140 million contract is insane.

I think if you could get a young outfielder like Myers for Dickey and you pass it up...you should be fired.

Michael S. said...

I love this...getting Myers for DIckey would be incredible. A trade like that could be huge for the team, filling an obvious need on the cheap, and potentially adding a long-term, cost-controlled, and elite player. Getting Myers for Dickey opens up the possibility of the Mets adding another high-quality hitter as their prospect depth would not be depleted and his salary is essentially 'free'.

Mack Ade said...

if they pulled this off, they still have $10mil to spend on another outfielder

Anonymous said...

Problem is, I don't think the royals would do it.

Michael S. said...
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Michael S. said...

$10 million? Justin Upton is scheduled to make $9.75 million next year...do the Mets have the pieces to make a deal with Arizona?

The heart of the Mets lineup for the next few years would be Wright, Upton, Davis, and Myers. I can dream, can't I?

tony said...

If u can get myers for dickey and get a outfielder with the money saved from dickey. Then trade mejia or familiar for a catcher that's in minors but major league ready now u have a competitive team. Also we still have wheeler,montero,fulmer and the other young pitchers wow now im getting getting excited.

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