Q and A - Mets Future Stars


Lamar asks:

          Hey Mack, just how many of the Mets minor league players look like future stars in the majors?

          Thanks for the question, Lamar.

          This is subjective and highly speculative. It is also very conservative because it’s impossible to figure out how some of the lower level kids will pan out 4-5 years from now after playing against much more superior competition.

          For now…

          SP Zack Wheeler – we don’t have to spend much time here. Wheeler looks like the steal of the decade and projects out as the SP1 as early as 2015. He will enter the Mets rotation some time next season and he and Matt Harvey will be the 1-2 punch for many years. The Mets should easily see a net gain of 10 wins per season once these two get up to speed in 2014.

3B Wilmer Flores - I say 3B because that’s where he continues to play. I truly believe that David Wright will sign a long term agreement with the Mets which will prevent Flores from playing at this position for the Mets. One of two things then will happen here. He will either be moved to 2B or he will be traded. Flores has a major league bat and progresses every year on the field defensively. His downside is his proven lack of ability to play shortstop and his lack of speed to run down balls in the outfield. The Mets seem to be taking the conservative approach here by keeping him on third until the whole Wright thing is done. Past that, who knows, but, IMO, Flores will have a long successful career in the majors. Projects out at 20HR-75-RBI minimum beginning 2014.

Utility – Eric Campbell – I continue to be the only pundit that ever writes anything about this guy. He plays 1B, 2B, 3B, RF, and LF and had a premier 2012 for AA-Binghamton (.297/.391/.439/.830, 9-HR, 50-RBI). He will play Las Vegas in 2013 as a 26-year old and I see him as a long-term utility player for the Mets beginning in 2014.

SP – Rafael Montero – Absolutely electric stuff playing for five teams through his first two years as a Met (15-8, 2.42, 1.01, 156-K, 32-BB, 175-IP). I try not to get too excited about players until they reach the AA level, but I just can’t see this guy missing. He’s pitch next year at 22 and might start back at St. Lucie again, but I see him done with AA by the end of the year and could be the 2014 SP5.

RP Jack Leathersich – Last year’s Josh Edgin. A staggering 14.78-SO9, higher that any major league pitcher in the history of the game. Yes, he stumbled a little last year at A+, but still had 76-Ks in 48.0-IP. Will play 2013 as a 22-year old and I expect him to open the season for Binghamton. Very mature both on and off the mound. Could easily be in Queens in 2014.        

Past that is all speculation and prayers.


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