Mack Stuff – Wilmer Flores, Randy Fontanez, Denard Span, Carlos Gomez


Ex-New York Mets scout, Ron Hopkins, joins the Pittsburgh Pirates.

3B Wilmer Flores hit his 4th winter ball home run last night.

                Flores’ BA has tailed off a little lately, but he has nothing to prove in the winter leagues. We know he can hit the ball, especially against the limited talent throwing at him there. What continues to bother me is his lack of playing some second base. We all knew in our hearts that the Wright deal would go down, so the Mets have to begin to try and find this guy a new position to play. I still can’t find anyone to answer this question: do the major league teams have any say as to what position their players play in winter ball? I remember last year when Josh Satin went to play in Venezuela just to learn the outfield, but he was never used there. Right now, there are three power bats in this organization… Flores, Aderlin Rodriguez, and Cory Vaughn. Flores will obviously play Las Vegas in the spring and, with Zach Lutz and Jefry Marte still hanging around, what a perfect time to move him to second. Yeah, I know, what about Reese Havens… frankly, Flores has the potential to produce offensive numbers like Jeff Kent used to and that’s fine with me on second.

P Randy Fontanez – 3.0-IP, 5-R, 6.43

                This isn’t good. You don’t want to be a pitching ‘prospect’ on a team that has 15 other pitching ‘prospects’ and throw a 6.43 ERA against mostly has-beens in winter ball. I’ve got him in the St. Lucie pen come the spring, but it’s over-running with names (TJ Chism, Marcos Camarena, Paul Seward, John Mincone, Chasen Bradford, Estarlin Morel, Carlos Vasguez, Jared West, Brandon Sage, Wanel Mesa)There are also 10 more relief pitchers ‘on paper’ for AA and 10 also for Savannah. Somebody has to be cut here.

Nationals Land Denard Span for Top Prospect Alex Meyer

                My first observation is making trades is a lot easier if both teams have good players available. Forget the names here. This is a very good outfielder for a very good pitcher and both teams fill a slot that is needed in their organization.

In the case of Span, this is a real centerfielder who steps right into the lineup as a leadoff hitter. He’s 28 and under contract through 2014 (with a 2015 option/buyout) and the money is no concern for the Nats who aren’t afraid to spend for talent. You would think the Mets could learn from this. He has a .357 career OBP and is also plays a decent outfield.

The outfield is now Span, Jayson Werth, and Bryce Harper. Not too shabby and a lot more than what’s in Flushing.

Meyer is a top SP prospect who would be an asset in any organization
I think the Nats pulled off a better trade here simply because Span has already proven himself at the major league level. Get used to him in Washington.

Jesse (Arizona) asked Keith Law:

Your thoughts on the Angels new scouting director Carlos Gomez (not the ex-Met)? Will the Angels finally be active in Latin America signings?

Klaw - Great hire, and yes, I expect so. Also sounds like Arizona may be largely punting on international now.

Carlos and I became friends in 2007 when he spent many an evening at Grayson Stadium, in Savannah. He’s an ex-Yankee farmhand who has worked hard to get where he is today. We spent many a late afternoon shooting the shit during BP and especially talking about the Latin prospects in the Sally League. He continues to this day follow me on Twitter.

One inside joke… never mention Jefry Marte to him. He was very positive on him early on and the last time I saw him (2 seasons ago) I brought up the name and he told me to never mention it again. We had a good laugh at Marte’s expense.

Way to go, Carlos


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