FLASH - Mets Broke


Michael Salfino  -  @MichaelSalfino  - Reporter, Wall Street Journal

Source who would DEF know tells me Wilpon/Mets are broke, can't extend R.A. or Wright and have maybe two years left before they lose team.

And Mets lack of cash, I'm told, is the reason they deferred Bay. More than a baseball decision, they just pass that along to next owner.

And you all know I don't pull that source thing like, ever. So trust me on this.


Anonymous said...

beginning to think you are bipolar

Mack Ade said...

Actually, I am... but, why do you say that?

Charles said...


Mack Ade said...

I corrected the post... these are tweets tonight from reporter at the Wall Street Journal

Charles said...

Thank goodness, they'll all be traded and this team will be stocked for future dominance!!!

susana said...

what do you think about this mack?

Reese said...

So the conversation with Bay went something like, "We have no money, Jason. Take deferred payments or get nothing when we go into bankruptcy. The choice is yours."

If straits are as dire as this report claims things are, then you have hurt your negotiating position with other clubs letting them know you pretty much HAVE to trade your two option-exercised players. Still, Dickey should bring back a nice haul since he costs very little. Wright may bring back surprisingly little considering his $16 million price tag for solid but unspectacular production. Cincinnati might be a good landing place for him since they fell short and have the ancient Scott Rolen penciled in for 3B. How would Billy Hamilton and Devin Mesoraco look in Queens?

Charles said...

Apparently this guy is fucked... He's apologizing a lot on his twitter account, making it known it had nothing to do with the Wall Street journal. He apologized to the mets too and said he couldn't back up with any proof.

Doesn't mean he was wrong. It just seems as if he was threatened by the journal because they don't want to get sued. Weird.

Well, we'll all know in a month if RA and WRight get traded.

Mack Ade said...

FYI - Maury Brown says he doesn't work for the WSJ

Sussana - I've got my thoughs in my 8am post this morning.

Gotta go to work - sorry - talk to you later


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