Prospect Profile - UT - Eric Campbell

Is there such a thing as a 'prospect utility player'?

It's my belief that the Mets might have one in their system.

Eric Campbell came out of Boston College and was an 8th round draft pick in 2008. He has now played five seasons in the Mets system, the first two of which were pretty uneventful:  2008:  Brooklyn - .260...  2009: Savannnah/St.Lucie: .249... 

2010 was different. He went lights out for St. Lucie (.335, 170-AB) and finished with combined stats for GCL/St. Lucie/Binghamton of: .306/.369/.467/.836

The difficult jump to AA hit home in 2011 and Campbell struggled  through a .247 season, but he wasn't done at that level. Eric went back there last season and turned in an all-star season: .297/.391/.439/.830, 9-HR, 50-RBI, 394-AB, only 76-K, 58-BB.

A few facts about Campbell:

    He will play 2013 as a 26-year old

    He has played 183 games at 1B, 160 at 3B, 2 T 2B, and 137 in the outfield. 

    His numbers last year would have been even better if he didn't slump in August (.221).

Observation: My guess is he will get an invitation to the Mets ST camp, especially since Justin Turner seems to have fall out of favor with the team. He and Josh Satin both represent two viable utility players that must first survive the Rule V draft next month. I don't expect the Mets to place Satin on the 40-man, but Campbell should be.


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