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Matthew Cerrone, MetsBlog.com -

I’m obviously confused about R.A.’s demands. I originally heard from sources that Dickey would be seeking at least three guaranteed years on top of 2013, with maybe a fourth-year option. However, the Daily News and others have reported that he’s willing to accept just two years beyond 2013. So, I can’t tell what’s what. But, I do know the team is being rather reserved with how they’re promoting him and utilizing him this winter, and I’ve heard that’s not an accident. I suspect they’re keeping plans for Dickey close to the vest as they continue to balance exploring the trade market for him and signing him to a reasonable extension.
   -I see Dickey as an upfront, honest man, far past any drama. If he says the negotiations are too slow, then they are too slow. And, only people that want to sign say things are too slow. He could care about the time spent here if he was looking for employment elsewhere. Could the Mets be trying to close the Wright deal? None of this goes against the 2013 budget and there will be plenty of money in 2014. I like what Ted Berg said today: “I want the Mets to sign David Wright because I am bored’. This whole process is so bush.

Sorry ladies… Josh Satin is engaged to Allyson Murrow.

Mike Pelfrey told Adam Rubin of ESPN New York he expects to be ready to pitch by Opening Day…
 Interesting that this comes just before the Mets have to decide on whether or not they will non-tender him. Trust me about TJS surgery… you have no idea how that ball is going to come out of your palm after the surgery. Normal recovery is 12-18 months and Big Mike had his on May 1st. We will all know the first couple of times he throws his slider to a lefty, trying to hit the inside portion of the plate. If it starts out like it’s heading to the batter’s chest and then, at the last second (there’s only 4.5) it curves back in the zone… well, then the old Pelfrey is back. Is it worth over $5mil to find out? Hell no. We talk all the time about the great, young pitching staff here, but, right now, three of these guys (Pelfrey, Dillon Gee, Johan Santana) are on the shelf. There’s still a ways to go before calling this the best staff in the NL East, but the job would get a lot easier if Pelfrey was back in the $1-2mil range.

The sale of the B-Mets to a Nolan Ryan run company out of Ottawa has fallen through. Told ya this never was going to happen. The next thing the Mets should do is put this to bed and re-work their long term deal with the owners of Binghamton (currently through 2016) that gives both parties the security needed to prevent this kind of drama from happening again. There’s enough things that are needed to be worked on with this team and the last thing they need is the loss of an AA-affiliate. 


Anonymous said...

Pelfrey is the classic example of a player who will leave and flourish. Kent, Mitchel, Izzy, Pagan, etc... There ate 5 for every Dickey that comes the Mets way.

So, yes I want him resigned, but not for 5 million. Perhaps he, knowing the Mets always stood by him through numerous ups and downs might give them a break.

1 year for 1.5 million with an extra 2 million based on incentives. 2 yr team option for 7 million. I think that's fair, but Boras might think otherwise. We'll see.

Sign Wright for no more then 6/110. Otherwise trade him already. He's not worth a elite contract. Dickey needs to be carefully thought about. To me, it's a win win. 2 yrs/ 20 mill...any more and he's our chip to get our next right fielder for the next 10 yrs. those are my thoughts.

Mack Ade said...

one thing about Pelfrey... he LOVES being a Met... this should help

Susana said...

Mack, what are your thoughts on Wright? Do you think he'll sign or decline the offer?

Mack Ade said...

Susana, I'm sure he will be a Met through 2020...

these contracts are a pain in the ass and have a lot of clauses... both parties are in the same range, but, for some reason, one of them keep leaking info to reporters that just isn't correct.

David Wright wants to be a Met for his entire career. It's only November and this will get done in the 7-yr, 130mil range

Susana said...

Yeah, I'm trying to remain optimistic he'll sign but I just dont trust Sandy and the Wilpons. I expect the cheapest (and worst) from them now. Hopefully this gets done quickly.

What bothers me is that Sandy earlier in the offseason spoke about possibly upgrading the team via trade, specifically the OF.

Now, in Rubins report, a Mets insider is claiming the Mets are going to the winter meetings seeking upgrades is various areas but not via trade.

I dont like the lies Sandy feeds us.

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