Q and A - Wright for Stanton, Dickey to KC


Michael Scannell asked:
9:46 PM (11 hours ago)

Could the Mets swap Wright for Stanton?  Not straight up, but in a three team deal.  I'm thinking that if the Mets decide that dealing Wright is the direction they want to go in, they'll likely try to get a number (2-3) of high quality prospects from another team.

Since the Marlins just blew up their team, I'd put the chances of them keeping Stanton at 50-50.  Sure he's the only draw, but considering how bad the team will be I doubt they'll draw much anyway.  By the time they're good again Stanton will be on his way out...might as well deal him now and add more talent.  It's been speculated that the Marlins would want 4-5 top prospects in return.

The Mets could swap the prospects from the assumed Wright trade plus 1-2 of their own (like Mejia or Flores) to Miami for Stanton.  The lineup swaps Wright out for Stanton, adding a younger (23), cheaper, controlled, and arguably superior player

A core of Stanton, Davis, Tejada, Nieuwenhuis, Harvey, Niese, and Wheeler would be relatively dirt cheap and could be kept together for a long time.  Given the amount of money saved (as well as the prospects held onto) the organization should have an easier time adding talent in order to field a championship-level club.

Even in a worst-case scenario, if Stanton doesn't work out he'll still be a tradable and valuable commodity going forward.


Forget this team drawing fans under any circumstance. They had everybody last year and played many games in front of less than 15,000 fans.

Stanton doesn't have to be traded. He's making the minimum and doesn't begin his first arbitration year until 2014.

The other problem is both he and Ike Davis exclusively play first base. One of them would have to hack it out in left field (with Lucas Duda hacking it out in right... that poor center fielder...).

I would do it for the shear shot in the drak for a potent offense to match a killer rotation.

Mets:   David Wrigh, RA Dickey  to team A
                 Wilmer Flores, Rafael Montero to Miami

Marlins: Stanton to Toronto
              3B Zach Cox to Mets

Toronto - 3 prospects to Miami
              Stanton and C Travis d,Arnaud to Mets

Mets lineup - SS Tejada, 2B Murphy, 1B Davis, OF Stanton, 3B Cox, RF Duda, CF Nieuwenhuis/den , Dekker, , C d'Armaund...

Rotattion... Santana, Harvey, Wheeler, Niese, Gee

BTW... Michael G. Baron's spin on a possible Stanton trade:

              It makes absolutely no sense for the Marlins to trade Stanton – he is making around the league minimum and is not eligible for arbitration until next winter. Assuming he is healthy, Stanton is one of the great values in the sport with prolific power and is actually pretty good in the outfield despite his size. He is on the path to becoming an epic game changer for any lineup he is a part of. Even after he starts earning a higher salary through arbitration, he will be one hell of a value if he continues to produce at these levels. But again, it would just be an illogical move to trade Stanton, at least while he is earning the league minimum. Then again, these are the Marlins, and so anything is possible I suppose.

Anthony Carnacchio asked:

Mack, Haven't been able to write due to ‘Sandy’. Got hit real hard in Rockaway so I've had a million things on my mind. How about Dayton Moore (GM of Kansas City) from the Royals calls up Sandy and wants to deal for Mr. Dickey. Who do you want back? I think this would incite some good discussion on the boards. Hope all is well.


Don’t worry about MMs… you’ve got your hands full (I’m an ole Ozone Park kid myself…).

 Regarding KC, in every deal, both parties need to be happy.

First, does Kansas City need a starter?


Ervin Santana – $13mil-/2013, FA-2014
Jeremy Guthrie – signed through 2015 – 2012: 14-starts, 5-3, 3.16
Bruce Chen - $4.5mil/2013 – FA-2014 – 2012: 34-starts, 11-14, 5.07
Luke Hochevar – Arb4-2014 – 32-starts, 8-16, 5.73
Chris Volstad – Arb3-2014 (not on 40-man)
Jake Ordorizzi – AAA: 2012: 18-starts, 11-3, 2.993
Aaron Crow – Arb1-2014
Noel Arguelles - $1,38mil through 2014 –
Luis Mendosa – 2012: 25-starts, 8-10, 4.23
Will Smith – 2012: 16-starts, 6-9, 5.32

          Guthrie has brought some stability to a staff that gave up a lot of runs last year. Ordorizzi had a killer AAA year, but frankly, there’s not that much to brag about right now if you’re a KC fan.

Yes, they could definitely use a veteran star starter for 2-3 years while their kids mature.

So, what’s out there regarding the two positions the Mets need help, outfield and catching:


Alec Gordon - $9mil/2013, $10mil/2014, $12.5mil/2015 – 2012: .294
Jeff Francoeur - $6.75mil/2013 –
Wil Meyers – (not on 40-man) – will play MLB in 2013
Bubba Starling – (not on 40-man) – will play A ball in 2013
Lorenzo Cain –  CF - 2012-MLB – 222-Abs, .266, 7-HR, 31-RBI
Jarrod Dyson – CF - 2012-MLB – 292-Abs - .260, 0-HR, 9-RBI
Davis Lough – RF – 2012-MLB – 59-Abs, .237


Brayan Pena – FA/2014 – 2012 – MLB – 212-Abs, .236 (switch hitter)
Salvador Perez - $2mil/yr thru 2016 – 2012 – MLB: 289-Abs, .301
Brett Hayes - $600K/2013, Arb2/2014 Miami in 2012 – 114-Abs, .217

The Mets already sent word to KC that a straight Gordon-for-Niese trade was a no-go. I assume this is based on the Mets not wanting to inherit the contract.

You’re not going to get KC to trade either Starling or Perez. Perez looks to be the starting catcher for years to come. The Royals also recently signed Hayes for the backup role, which, I assume, leaves switch-hitting Pena available.

The obvious choice here would be the often injured Meyers, considered the organization’s top prospect. Word I’ve gotten is the team is very happy with its current outfield so he could easily be available.

My deal:  OF Wil Meyers and C Brayan Pena for RA Dickey.


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