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Christopher asked:

With the release of Jason Bay and the non-tender of Andres Torres.....the Mets OF is in quite a flux.

Assuming Kirk Nieuwenhuis comes back to the majors for 2013 and Lucas Duda remaining in the OF, we'll need 1 more starter.

That being said.....Do you think Matt den Dekker could be a viable option to start 2013 in CF? The kid is a great defensive CF which the Mets haven’t had in a while and looks like he can hold his own with the bat albeit with a high K rate.

If he could put up a .250, 12-15 HR, 15-20 SB right now I will be happy to name him my CF.....any thoughts?


I happen to like den Dekker, but, according to the experts, he’s got a way to go before he’s offensively ready for CitiField. No one questions his defensive skills and most within the system consider him the best defensive outfielder in the organization, but he needs to learn how to hit superior pitching which he finds difficult doing each level be ascents.

The 2013 outfield looks like a mess, but the last thing I would do is rush den Dekker. Leave him in Las Vegas for the season and let him work on his strikeout rate.

I also wish the Mets would leave Nieuwenhuis in Vegas for the season. Remember, he was demoted last year before he went down with an injury and he has been rushed far too early. Put him in left field next to den Dekker and let the two of them feast on the Vegas air.

I think the Bay deal is not completed. Monies will be diverted to allow them to sign someone decent and my guess right now is that it will be Melky Cabrera in the $5-7mil range for 2013. Mike Baxter, Lucas Duda, and Jordany Valdespin will join him and one more ‘new guy’ as yet undetermined.

The problem with this approach is the team will still not have a long term ‘star’ outfielder, but maybe that person can arrive via a trade for the now available RA Dickey.


Charles said...

And unless or until they trade Dickey, that outfielder won't be coming until 2014 when they finally have that payroll flexibility they've been waiting for.

That said, unless Dickey's price comes down to 2 yrs and 20 million, I believe he's getting traded and I think the outfield and catching positions will be better for it.

I want to see if the Yanks would give up Gary Sanchez and Dante Bichette jr for Dickey plus a sweetener...maybe Lara or McHugh.

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