FLASH: 40 man roster additions

The New York Mets have added SP Zack Wheeler, newly acquired RP Greg Burke, minor league RPs Gonzalez Germen and Hansel Robles, SP Darin Gorski, and SS Wilfredo Tovar to the 40 man roster in order to protect them from the Rule 5 draft.

This means SP Chris Schwinden, IF Josh Satin, RP Brad Holt, 3B Jefry Marte, and 3B Aderlin Rodriguez will be available for any team to pick up.

(I highly doubt anyone is going to take Marte or Rodriguez as both players are still very raw and at least 3 years away from being ready. A team like Miami or Houston may take a swing at Schwinny or Satin. Holt was exposed last year and no one took him so at this point I dont think anyone likes him.)


Greg b said...

I can't understand how u don't protect arod but they protect burke who's 30yrs old.some team will pick him because his only 20 if u keep him in the majors for one yr he still only 21.next year a team will then start at double A.the kid hit over 20 homeruns.i don't understand how his not protected.remember flores a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

A team cannot keep Rodriguez in the minors. Rule 5 rules state the player has to spend the entire season on the Major league roster unless he is injured. As long as the player is healthy he has to remain with the Major League team.

Charles said...

He can't play defense so they'd have to keep him on the bench. Now, which team could keep him on the bench all year, affectively wasting a roster spot just to gain a prospect?

Maybe Houston, they are years away, but I really doubt it. This time next year, he'll have to be added.

Soto said...

Correct Charles,

Unless a team pulls a wacky move, like when the Nationals took Jesus Flores from our Single A team, Aderlin should be ok. Marte should be good too. Both of these guys would provide zero benefit to a major league club in 2013.

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