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Greg B asked:

Hi Mack, can you please give me a scouting report on Vincente Lupo. Is there a player in the majors that he can in the future play like? Thanks.


Sure Greg.

As we all know, there is a limit on the amount of signing bonus money one team can dish out in the international market. Some teams sign a bunch of kids in the $100-200K range, while Sandy’s Mets seems to like to go big. This year it was SS Ahmed Rosario. Lupo and Leon Canelon were the 2010 poster boys. He was ranked as the 25th top Latin youth prospect that year and was given a signing bonus in the $400-500K range.  

Scouts had him projected with ‘raw, raw power’ but things didn’t start well. Lupo became seriously ill just after the draft signing and didn’t regain his strength until after the 2011 season (132-AB, .197).

Scouts also limit him to a corner outfielder because of his lack of height (5-11).

Now for the good news. Everything went as wished: .343/.500/.608/1.108, 204-AB, 10-HR,45-RBI45-K, 46-BB.  Did you notice the .500 OBP? These are monster numbers in a league that isn’t well known for them.

People in the baseball school that he came out of make comparisons to Miguel Cabrera.

Observation: It’s impossible to project most Latin players in these leagues, but we also have to remember that there are over 20% of the players in both the major and minor leagues from the Dominican Republic alone which has less than 2% of the population of the States.
Lupo is from Venezuela, but you understand what I mean. This one looks like the real deal. He’ll play 2013 as a 19-year old and there’s no reason to hold him back from the states. The safe zone will be the GCL Mets with the rest of his buddies, but don’t be surprised he doesn’t open for Kingsport.

I love this guy.

ETA: 2016


Greg b said...

Thanks mack for scouting report

Charles said...

What about Elvis Sanchez who I know has had two crappy seasons but I thought was the real prospect between Lupo and himself?

Mack Ade said...

I'll write about Elvis next...

tony said...

Hi mack, i really enjoy the your writing especially when write about the minor leaguers. Question cam maron what have u heard about him. His he a thole type hitter or can he develope to be a better hitter.also how's his defense? Thanks

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