Mack Ade’s Composite Mock – December 1 – Top 60


This averages the mock reports that are already on line and does not reflect my opinion. It also does not favor any player by position. Here’s what the ‘experts’ average out to:

1.     RHP                Mark Appel                          Stanford
2.     RHP                Ryne Stanek                         Arkansas
3.     OF                   Austin Meadows                Grayson HS (GA)
4.     LHP                 Sean Manaea                      Indiana State
5.     OF                   Clint Frazier                         Loganville HS (GA)
6.     3B                   Kris Bryant                           San Diego
7.     OF                   Austin Wilson                      Stanford
8.     RHP                Kohl Stewart                        St. Pius HS (TX)
9.     RHP                Bobby Wahl                         Mississippi
10.                        3B                   Colin Moran                         North Carolina
11.                        RHP                Jonathan Crawford           Florida          
12.                        SS                    Oscar Mercado                   Gaither HS (FL)
13.                        OF                   Justin Williams                    Terrebone HS (LA)
14.                        LHP                 Trey Ball                                Chrysler HS (IN)
15.                        C                      Jeremy Martinez                Mater Dei HS (CA)
16.                        RHP                Clinton Holton                     Woodford HS (KY)
17.                        LHP                 Stephen Gonsalves            Cathedral Catholic HS (CA)
18.                        C                      Reese McGuire                    Kentwood HS (WA)
19.                        RHP                Karsten Whitson                 Florida
20.                        LHP                 Ian Clarkin                            James Madison HS (CA)
21.                        LHP                 Marco Gonzalez                 Gonzaga
22.                        OF                   Aaron Judge                                    Fresno State
23.                        LHP                 Robert Kaminsky                Englewood Cliffs HS (NJ)
24.                        OF                   William Abreu                     Mater Academy HS
25.                        RHP                Trevor Williams                  Arizona State
26.                        RHP                Ryan Eades                           LSU
27.                        SS                    Andy McGuire                     James Madison HS (VA)
28.                        RHP                A.J. Vanegas                                    Stanford
29.                        OF                   Ryan Boldt                            Red Wing HS (Minn)
30.                        RHP                Brett Morales                      King HS (FL)
31.                        C                      Zack Collins                          American Heritage HS (FL)
32.                        OF                   Michael Lorenzen              CSF
33.                        SS                    J P Crawford                                    Lakewood HS (CA)
34.                        C                      Chris Okey                            Eustis HS (FL)
35.                        LHP                 Jonah Wesely                      Tracy HS (CA)
36.                        C                      Jonathan Denney               Yukon HS (OK)
37.                        RHP                Dylan Covey                                    San Diego
38.                        1B                   Dominic Smith                    Serra HS (CA)
39.                        2B                   Cavan Biggio                        St. Thomas HS (TX)
40.                        OF                   JaCoby Jones                       LSU
41.                        RHP                Keegan Thompson             Cullman HS (AL)
42.                        RHP                Chris Oakley                                    St. Augustine Prep (NJ)
43.                        SS                    Drew Ward                          Leedey HS (OK)
44.                        OF                   Phillip Ervin                          Samford
45.                        3B                   Trey Williams                       College of the Canyons
46.                        RHP                Andrew Mitchell                 TCU
47.                        LHP                 Garrett Williams                 Calvary Baptist HS (LA)
48.                        1B                   D J Peterson                         New Mexico
49.                        RHP                Dustin Driver                       Wenachee HS (WA)
50.                        RHP                Adam Plutko                        UCLA
51.                        SS                    Chris Rivera                          El Dorado HS (CA)
52.                        RHP                Jordan Sheffield                 Tullahoma HS (TN)
53.                        RHP                Colby Suggs                         Arkansas
54.                        LHP                 Kevin Ziomek                       Vanderbilt
55.                        LHP                 A.J. Puk                                 Washington HS (IA)
56.                        C                      Nick Ciuffo                           Lexington HS (SC)
57.                        3B                   Travis Demeritte                 Winder Barrow HS (GA)
58.                        1B                   Brian Ragira                         Stanford
59.                        RHP                Scott Frazier                                    Pepperdine
60.                        RHP                Tom Windle                         Minnesota


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