Draft 13 – Q and A – OF – Kevin Davis – T.R. Miller H.S. (AL)

Mack - Time to head down to Alabama and visit with OF Kevin Davis, originally from Covington, Virginia, but now living in Brewton, Alabama. Hey Kevin, first, and most important, did everyone come out of the storm okay on your team?

Kevin - Sorry I haven't got back to you, I just got home from Korea yesterday.

Mack – We’re you playing over there or negotiating a new treaty?

Kevin - Ha ha.. playing with the USA for the world championship !

PG - Kevin Davis is a 2013 RHP with a 6-1 185 lb. frame from Brewton, AL who attends T.R. Miller HS. Strong athletic build, physically mature. Multi-piece delivery, high 3/4's release point, very fast arm coming through. Steady low 90's fastball, topped out at 93 mph, some sink and running action at times. Power upper 70's curveball, very big and sharp at times, good downer shape, release point on curveball more inconsistent than on fastball, rare change up but shows some feel for pitch. Has nasty stuff at times Good student. PG Grade:  10.0  

Mack - Just kidding with you… I had a great interview going with Andy McGuire during the rainout delay vs. Australia which I hope to complete later this week. I also talked with Jeremy Gonzalez. Tell us, in your words, what the whole experience was like?

Kevin - It was an unbelievable feeling to be able to wear the USA across my chest. I was blessed with the opportunity to be able to go to a foreign country and represent my country, my hometown, and my family. It was a great experience being able to pitch against countries from all across the world.

Mack – Kevin, I’m curious. Did the move from Virginia to Alabama have anything to do with attending a school with a better baseball program?

Kevin - No sir, I moved when I was two years old.

Mack – Oh, I see, trying to sneak in one of those zip code kindergarden programs… look, Kevin, let’s get right to the red meat of this interview. I’ve gone to my fair share of high school baseball games and have sat behind home plate with a radar gun being bitten by mosquitos for years, but I have to tell you that the few times that gun flashed 94 woke my ass up real quick. When did you start to realize that you threw a baseball faster than everyone around you?

Kevin - I've always thrown hard, and I've always thrown a lot. When I was young I threw hard, but every year it seemed as if I would gain 5-8 miles per hour on my fastball. Of course that can't happen now. But at a young age I threw hard it was just a matter of getting better every year.

Mack – At what point did you concentrate on controlling it and was there one person responsible for the lion share of that guidance so far in your young career?

Kevin - When I was 14 is when I really started learning how to pitch and not just throwing it as hard as I could. My dad would no doubt the one who has pushed me and gotten me to where I am today. There have been many other influences on my career on and off the field. My mom will do anything and everything to make me a better player and person.

Mack – Yeah, but did Mom add that nasty “power upper 70's curveball” you’ve been developing?

Kevin - Hahaha I don't think there is to much she could help me with on that.. But if she could she would!

Mack – Kevin, I’m going to post up your PG scouting report and try and find a good YouTube video on you. Is there anything you want to add to the readers here at BLF?

Kevin - No sir!


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