Draft 13 - Q and A - 1B - Dominic Smith


Mack - Hey folks! We're talking today with Dominic Smith, one of the top first base prospects (Mack's Mets mock currently has him as the 18th overall pick in the 2013 draft) who comes to us out of Serra High School, California. Hey Dominic (is it Dom?)... how are things out on the coast?

Dominic - Things out here on the coast are great! The weather is great, the ball is great, everything is great and I really can't complain. I wouldn't trade this to be anywhere else in the world.

Mack – The first question is basically the same one I ask everyone. Take us back to the first time someone placed a baseball in your hand and walk us through the levels to where you are now.

Dominic - Growing up I played a lot of basketball. I played basketball starting at the age of four4 and that was all I really played. Around the age of seven my mother asked me if I wanted to try a new sport ; baseball and ever since then I fell in love with it. I dropped basketball and focused on baseball. I was a blessed and lucky kid because baseball came easy to me. It wasn't hard for me to grasp different aspects of the game, and it was just fun, point blank period!

Mack – Are you strictly a first baseman at this point in your young career or have you played other positions last year?

Dominic - Well I play a fair amount of time in the OF and that's where I will be mostly in the next three big events in Area Codes, Perfect Game All American Classic, and Under Armor All American game. I got my speed down to a 6.8 and scouts want to see my arm utilized in the OF as well. So hopefully I can keep improving on my tool so I can be a 5 tool prospect.

Mack – See, that’s why we can’t rely in the field on the crap they give us on paper. For the sake of accuracy, should we list you now as an outfielder, or is first still your primary position?

Dominic - Honestly I just like to hit, but you can list me as whatever you think will make my stock go up higher which I believe is OF.

Mack – Last question before we let you get back to your summer (we’ll check back with you during the season).

Dominic - I believe I have had a pretty good summer so far. I played well in Minnesota for nationals, and I carried that on to Georgia for east Cobb and tore it up! Now I just want to finish August off strong because these are some big events coming up. For the season I'm going to prepare like I always do, get stronger and faster. A lot of strength and conditioning so I can be in pretty good shape!
Mack – Thank you, D…  we’ll check back with you soon.


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