Itsy Bity Teeny Weenie Ball - Mack Ade

(written prior to Marlins trade)

The Jason Bay deal now will cost only $6mil against the 2013 payroll. My friend, Eno Sarris of Amazin Avenue has the 2013 payroll down to $81mil.

Why stop now?

Trade David Wright ($16mil) and RA Dickey ($5mil) for 4-6 minimal wage weenies. I still like my Dickey to LAD for Nick Castellanos and Scott Van Slyke. Neither has started their first arbitration year and combined would add around $1mil to the team payroll. Go as young for Travis d’Arnaud, Brett Lawrie, and Anthony Gose from Toronto. Add another $1.5mil and you have a net reduction of around $19mil.

The Mets payroll is down to $62mil and your team is:

SP - Johan Santana, Mike Harvey, Jon Niese, Dillon Gee, Zack Wheeler
IF – Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy, Ruben Tejada, Brett Lawrie
OF – Nick Castellanos, Scott Van Slyke, Anthony Gose

But, we can do better than this…

Sell a few condos and pay off the Santana ($25.5mil) and Frank Francisco ($6.5mil) deals before the end of the year. Get some bean counter to charge it all out as a 2012 expense and send it to the Commissioner for his stamp of approval. He’s like Mikey from that cereal commercial. He’ll eat anything that comes his way from Flushing.

You make Bobby Parnell your closer, promote Elvin Ramirez fulltime in the pen, and put Jenrry Mejia back in the rotation for the 345th time. Another $31mil reduction of payroll…

Rotation:  Niese, Harvey, Gee, Wheeler, Mejia

Team Salary:  $31mil.

You play this team for one year while, at the same time, players like 3B-2B Wilmer Flores, SP Rafael Montero, RP Jack Leathersich  mature into probably 2014 roster members.

Draft time comes and there’s nothing in your way to over-slot the best four players on the board when your turn comes up.

And, you enter the 2013-2014 off-season with money on the books, in the black, and loaded for bear come the hot stove season.

Sounds a little stupid, huh?

What a ridiculous thing to do… sell off your aging superstars two months after the best season they are ever going to have for players that either were never available to you in the draft, or simply were players you made the mistake of not picking.

And what a downside. You go from losing $40mil a year to being profitable and you’ve got the entire 2013 season to figure out what position you need to cherry pick come the free agent season.

I’ve read a lot of stupid stuff written about this team in the past month so I hope you don’t mind that I took a stab at penning the absurd, but, you know, it sure would give us an awful lot to write about in the next twelve months.


Charles said...

Why buy out Santana and get nothing from him? He showed last season he could still pitch. I think you have to try to get something for that cash.

Otherwise, I like your idea. I just don't get how cutting Johan, paying him 31 million, somehow decreases the 2013 payroll. You still have to pay him.

I hope the Dodgers like the Dickey idea. They seem to be into everything right now,

Susana said...

At this point, I just want the Mets to do SOMETHING in terms of player transactions.

Getting rid of Bay is not enough. Bring in some new, fresh, talented faces and get rid of some of the current guys. This team needs a fresh start with younger guys.

I agree with you Mack.

Mack Ade said...

Charles: I really write this as a joking piece... but, you could get probably get someone if you traded him and ate his salary at the same time

Mack Ade said...


again, I wrote to write off the Santana only as a 2012 expenses... I know it doesn't work that way, but I was just joking around...

Greg b said...

Greg b,tell u the truth i like what u . I would do those deals, and i bet we would be a better team in 2014 then if we keep wright and dickey .and as a fan i would enjoy watch a young and talented team getting better

jonah said...

Mack, I dont think Toronto isnt going to trade D'Arnaud.

Your trade for those 2 Dogers prospects are good but how do their numbers compare to the average PCL? BA didnt list them in their top 20 pacific coast league.

But I do like your thoughts on trading Dickey and Wright. I have other options though. ;-)

Mack Ade said...

I wrote this before the Marlins deal any my intent was to write something silly, but, by the end, it sure sounded like a good plan

Mack Ade said...


You can't play 3 catchers. At least one of the Toronto guys got to go... and Dickey is your bargaining chip here. Toronto needs one more killer SP for 2013.

Re: LAD - there are other OF options in the system... the important thing is they have 4 guys tied up for 100 years each in contracts... you might be able to get the kid with the weird name. He' got no place to play

jonah said...

Mack, I understand your point on the catchers in Toronto. But Toronto is very high on D'Arnoud I read. Arencibia is another option. That would also mean you can get more from Toronto.

Mack Ade said...

and now you add John Buck

TP said...

Tempting, very tempting. I still prefer signing RA and DW and now finding a way to pry Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins for minor league talent. A 23 year old monster RH bat like that is a franchise changer.

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