Q and A - RA Dickey to San Diego


Michi wrote:

Hey Mack

First you have to know I’m from Europe so please forgive all my gramatic fails.

I visit your site daily because I really appreciate your opinions, so I’m interested what you answer on my question.

What do you thing about the Padres as potential trade partner?  I looked at their roster and saw they have a few young outfielders! So my idea. Trade Dickey for Kyle Blanks or Will Venable who are both very young and can maybe still develop.

 + Brad Boxberger for the pen

+ Austin Hedges or Cory Spangenber (both positions the Mets need)

Do you think this is a package a Dickey trade could bring in?

And I think a problem is that the Padres are not a team which want to win next year so probably they don’t trade for Dickey.

Hope you will find time for me :)

Mack:  Hey Michi. Of course I have time for you.

The Mets need outfielders. The secret here is to find a team that has too many of them.
LF Carlos Quenton (.261,16-HR, 46-RBI) is under contract through 2015. And CF Cameron Maybin (.243, 8-HR, 45-RBI) is locked up through 2016. Lastly, Chris Denorfia (.293, 8-HR, 36-RBI)  has 2013 and 2014 left on his contract before turning into a free agent.

Venable (.264, 9-HR, 45-RBI) is fighting for playing time, and, with Banks finishing up at AAA, you are correct about this team. They have too many outfielders and everyone could use a Cy Young winning pitcher.

I don’t think you’d have any problems getting Banks, but the target here might be Maybin. He still has never played up to his prospect potential, he’s still young (25), and his contract isn’t that bad ($3.1m-2013, $5.1m-2014, $7.1m-2015, $8.1m-2016).

Still, I love your deal and think it’s a viable one to put on the table.


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