Draft 13 - Q and A - RHP - Joey Donino – Columbia


Mack – Top of the morning, everybody. We’re here with one of the smart kids today, right hand pitcher Joey Donino from Columbia University. Hey Joey. How are you today?

Joey - I am doing well.  It is the second week of classes and we are just about to kick off our fall season and I couldn't be more excited.  I look forward to getting back on the mound, and being 100% healthy following a good summer, which was my first season where I felt 100% since getting Tommy John after my senior year of high school.

Mack – Since you brought it up, tell us about both the physical and mental strain something like TJS can put on your future plans, especially baseball?

Joey - It is definitely a huge mental strain.  Not being able to throw a baseball for a few months was tough, but the toughest part was wondering everyday whether or not I'd be able to come back successfully or not.  Physically, I had to rehab almost every day, and once I started throwing, the scar tissue break up was a grueling process as well.

Mack – I know no one who says that the process wasn’t  grueling. The good news is you are past that. Tell me about the summer, where you played, etc.?

Joey - I played for the DC Grays in the Cal Ripken League.  I was able to start for them and throw 47+ innings so it was a great opportunity.  The coaches really helped me a lot with my mechanics and pitches.  So I feel like I got a lot better.

Mack – That’s a fair amount of innings going into a full season. Working on anything new or just building strength?

Joey - I worked a lot on using my legs and having a consistent repeatable delivery.  By taking stress off my arm I was able to throw more innings.  My mechanics work allowed me to have more command. 

Mack – Does the fall schedule have any interesting or exciting trips planned?

Joey - Unfortunately no, just games against Fordham and Manhattan.  But we do travel to Lamar, University of Arizona, and Florida in the spring to open up our season.   I am very excited about getting a crack at the defending national champs.

Mack - Joey, is there anything you want to say to the folks out there reading this?

Joey:  Nothing in particular.  I just look forward to this upcoming season, and can't wait to get back on the mound.  Thanks Mack.


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